Welcome to our Office Garden!

With National Gardening Week just around the corner we wanted to shine a spotlight on our very own office garden and give you a tour!

Tucked away in a retail park in Stretford, Greater Manchester is our very own oasis. Providing a welcome contrast to the busy city, the EYR garden is a dedicated zone for staff to relax and enjoy a little piece of nature.

The importance of outdoor spaces

Besides being a beautiful green space to look at, an urban garden can provide a number of benefits:

  • Improved mental wellbeing as well as productivity levels
  • Increased awareness of the environment
  • Proven effects on refocusing attention
  • Increased biodiversity
  • Reduction in stress and anxiety

Features of our urban garden…


Firstly, incorporated into the garden are various different habitats for minibeast. From spiders with our very own EYR spider house, to bee hive houses for our eternal symbols of Manchester, the bees.

As well as these habitats, there are a number of insect attracting flowers and plants. Lavender, mint and crocuses all contribute to increasing biodiversity and provide a welcome home for creepy crawlies.

Seasonal plants and flowers

Our plants and flowers have been selected to make the garden a place to be enjoyed all year round. With daffodils and blossom appearing in spring, fruit trees blooming in autumn and bamboo providing a splash of green in winter, the garden acts as a way for us to appreciate each of the seasons in turn.


Undoubtedly the most striking feature of the garden (particularly on rainy days of Manchester) are the pink tables and chairs! Not just a bright and colourful addition to the garden throughout the year. The seating provides EYR staff with a place to sit during breaks, have meetings and get creative amongst nature.

Water Feature

As well as looking beautiful the garden provides a welcome change to the sounds of the busy city with the trickling sound of our solar powered water feature.

Having a water feature not only helps to support local wildlife and minibeast but also appeals to the auditory senses. Research has indicated the sound of running water can guide neuronal waves in the brain, instigating a calming effect. Something we all appreciate on those stressful work days!


One final element of our office garden on this tour is the variety of herbs planted. Strawberry mint and rosemary to name a few! The herbs offer an immediate hit of fresh scents as you walk by and can be used in staff lunches!

Why we love our office garden…

My role involves looking at a screen for the majority of the day. The garden gives a space for me to relax and enjoy a bit of fresh air

Katie, Social Media Executive

The garden gives me a welcome boost each morning as I walk past into the building

Amelia, Marketing Manager

I LOVE our pink chairs and tables – every morning they bring a smile to my face and lifts the garden

Olivia, Buying Executive

In full bloom, the garden provides an area of quiet creative contemplation in an otherwise urban environment. It’s a beautiful area full of pollinating insects and even the odd squirrel stealing fruit from the fruit trees.

James, Graphic Designer

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