5 Ways to Repurpose your EYR Packaging

We are all becoming more and more conscious about being sustainable, looking after our planet and teaching our little ones to do the same. The importance of reducing, reusing and recycling is an important message to share, particularly with the next generation. In this blog, we share 5 ways to repurpose our leftover EYR packaging and teach children about the three Rs in a fun and engaging way. 1. Wrapping Paper Children can design and colour their own wrapping paper by repurposing the brown paper packaging from the boxes! Why... Read More


Transition series 2: Supporting Positive Transitions

This blog series has been written with the help of our EYR Industry experts over at the University of Cambridge, the University of Birmingham and Manchester Metropolitan University. With the input of these three experts as well as contributions from parents and practitioners, we bring you our transition blog series designed to provide you with unique insights, suggestions and solutions. Understanding Transitions Supporting Positive Transitions An interview with a 4 year old In our previous blog of this series we discussed the following three factors that play an influential role... Read More


5 Pirate Outdoor Loose Parts Activities for the EYFS

A-Hoy me hearties! Looking for some new Pirate outdoor activities for your little ones to get hooked on? This blog brings you a treasure trove of activity ideas using simple outdoor loose parts. From imaginative play to physical development, there are a range of ways little ones can explore the Pirates topic. Read on for more! 1. Walk the plank Spark excitement with your little ones and create a pirate themed obstacle course! Add planks onto crates or tyres to create a raised platform for children to balance across. Why... Read More


Transition series 1: Understanding Transitions

This series has been written with the help of EYR industry experts from the University of Cambridge, University of Birmingham, and Manchester Metropolitan University. With the input of these three experts as well as contributions from parents and practitioners, we bring you our transition series. Designed to provide you with unique insights, suggestions, and solutions. Understanding transitions Improving the transition experience An interview with a 4 year old What are transitions? It is that time of year again when children are transitioning into the first or next stage of education.... Read More


Celebrating Father’s day with Early Years

Traditional awareness days such as Father’s day can often present issues for carers and early years practitioners. As we know, all families are unique, and sometimes communicating this to children in a way that makes them feel included can be difficult. Using the day as a way of celebrating all different carers can help to make all children feel represented and show their carers how much they love them. In a recent survey, 81% of parents and early years practitioners indicated that when trying to support inclusivity on days such... Read More


15 Ways to Use Tyres in Outdoor Play

Tyres are a fantastically versatile and upcycled resource that can be used in a variety of different ways. Naturally weatherproof and tough, they are a great option to use outdoors with your little ones. In this blog, we provide 15 ways to incorporate them into your outdoor learning and play. From the simple to the slightly more obscure – there is guaranteed to be an activity for you to try out. Make sure to check our safety tips to ensure your little one’s are always safe when playing with tyres.... Read More


5 Fine Motor Activities for Children

What are fine motor skills? Fine motor skills refer to the coordination of small muscles in the brain and nervous system responsible for controlling precise movements in key areas such as hands and fingers. The development of fine motor skills depend on gross motor skill development. Gross motor skills refer to larger movements such as walking, crawling, and sitting independently. From initial development, children can begin to grasp objects and move small items independently. Infants will then progress onto more complex movements such as weaving and holding cutlery and pencils.... Read More

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Simple Storage Solution Hacks for your Setting

As we all know, finding storage can be a recurring nightmare for many early years’ settings. From classrooms and nurseries to childminder and pack-away settings, there is always the issue of where to store the never-ending supply of resources for little ones. In this blog, we will discuss a variety of creative storage solution hacks for both indoor and outdoor resources. This will include some repurposed and upcycled solutions designed to provide you with more functional space without breaking the bank. Factors to Consider It is important to consider a... Read More


Sand and Water Themed Tuff Tray Inspiration

Due to its amazing versatility, one of our favourite resources is our Tuff Tray. Whether you are using our Mini Tuff Tray or the standard size there are no limits to the amount of activities they can be used in! To give you some inspiration, here are our top 5 favourite ways to incorporate your Tuff Tray into sand and water activities. 1. Create a beach Everyone loves a trip to the beach and by using some sand, water and accessories you can create your very own beach for your... Read More

The 2 year health check: what to expect 25/04/2022

The Two Year Health Check – What to Expect

This blog has been written with the help of EYR industry expert Emily Hanson. A qualified EYFS teacher with an M.Ed in Education from the University of Cambridge. To learn more about Emily, visit her website or follow her on Instagram. The two year check up – a real milestone for many little ones, and often a source of anxiety for parents. Feeling nervous about your child being checked over by a health professional is completely natural! Being well informed is a simple remedy to this! In this blog we’ll... Read More