how children learn through play and types of learners in early years 20/05/2020

How Children Learn Through Play

This article has been written by early years consultant, Anne Rodgers from ATR Consultancy, who explains the different ways children learn through play and shares tips for how you can support them. Children have different ways in which they learn through play. By recognising their individual learning styles, we can help them to develop. There are 4 different types of learning styles: Visual Kinaesthetic Auditory Logical Visual Learners: Visual learners learn through seeing. They may like to sit at the front of the classroom at story time so they can... Read More

creating a memory box with children 19/05/2020

How To Build A Memory Box with Children

Written by Kirsty Prankerd, Managing Director at keepsake and gifting brand Write From The Heart. In this article, she shares her tips for creating an educational memory box that your children will love to look back on in years to come. With the UK under lockdown and most schools and nurseries closed, we’re all spending a lot more time at home. As a result, it can be tough to keep thinking of new ways to keep the kids busy — and even trickier to make sure they’re still learning and... Read More

tuff tray homeschool activities Sabrina Olizar-Smoke playofthewild 05/05/2020

Simple Homeschool Activities To Make Learning Fun

Sabrina, mother and teacher from Play of the Wild, shares her favourite homeschool activities and tips to help parents home school their children whilst the schools are closed in the UK – and make learning at home more fun! For the last month, our family, like many others across the world, have been trying to home school our small children. While it is nice to have lots of quality time with children while they are little, it can also be a challenge to try to teach them whilst also having... Read More

spinning rainbow window crafts for kids 27/03/2020

Spinning Rainbow – Crafts

LEARNING ZONES: – Exploring & Using Media & Materials – Imagination – Understanding the World With colourful rainbow pictures popping up in windows all over the country, now is the perfect time to let the kids get crafty and create their own magical spinning rainbow. Perfect for a beautiful window display or decoration to brighten up your home or setting. Using card and paints, follow these simple crafts instructions below to make a spinning rainbow with the children and spread hope and joy. Can you find the pot of gold... Read More


The Benefits of Height Adjustable Furniture

Height Adjustable Furniture has been around for a while, but what makes it so appealing to schools, nurseries and settings? Here are just a few benefits of investing in Height Adjustable Furniture… Health: Children spend a long time sitting at tables during the day, for a significant portion of their lives. It is therefore paramount that the furniture they are using, chairs or tables, can support this strain on the body. If desks are too low or too tall, this can affect children’s posture. This may not sound too bad,... Read More

spring bunting for easter crafts 16/03/2020
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Springtime DIY Bunting – Easter Crafts

Create Spring themed bunting for the perfect Easter decoration! Get the little ones excited for Easter and make your very own colourful Bunting! An ideal arts and crafts project for children aged 5-7 years old. Simply follow these instructions! Art materials you will need: Coloured card – in blue, green, yellow and red Pink patterned paper Black card White card Scissors Glue Pencil Hole punch Garden twine How to make Springtime bunting: Take the coloured card and cut out six flags (two of each colour) for the spring themed bunting.... Read More

easter bunny finger print cards 16/03/2020

Finger Print Easter Cards – Crafts

Create the perfect cards for Easter! Get the little ones excited for Easter and make your very own festive bunny cards! An ideal arts and crafts project for children aged 0-5 years old. Simply follow these instructions! Art materials you will need: Coloured card – in turquoise, yellow, orange and pink White card Coloured Ink pads – orange, purple and yellow Black fine liner pen Green felt tip pen White pom poms Glue stick Strong glue Scissors Pencil Ruler How to make two rabbits on a hill card: To make... Read More

tray play benefits 11/03/2020

The Benefits of Tray Play

This article has been written by mother of two and tray play advocate, Rachel Moffatt. How does tray play benefit children? Learning through play is the main focus of the early years foundation stage. It is all about making learning fun. Tray play provides a focused area of play with the contents ‘somewhat contained’. Setting out inviting activities with cognitive and physical challenges has a significant benefit to early childhood development. Tray play gives children the opportunity to explore and discover independently, and fosters their creativity and imagination. There are... Read More


What Is Numicon & Why Is It Important?

Did you know that Numicon, the multi-sensory classroom resource, grew out of a classroom-based research project? It was funded by the Teacher Training Agency and created by Numicon authors Ruth Atkinson, Romey Tacon and Dr Tony Wing. Numicon is a mathematics teaching approach that was designed to help children understand maths. This new approach has grown through the years into a highly successful teaching resource and is now the market-leading UK primary school maths programme. It is based on the popular and highly effective concrete-pictorial-abstract approach (CPA). Numicon sets and... Read More


Understanding Loose Parts Play and its Benefits

This article has been written by early years consultant, Anne Rodgers, from ATR Consultancy. Loose parts play is about having a variety of ‘loose parts’ i.e. materials which can be moved around, carried, stacked, lined up and manoeuvred in multiple ways to enhance creativity when playing. First proposed by architect Simon Nicholson during the 1970s, more and more settings are adopting the idea that children can design their environment by themselves through loose parts play and that it can be re-designed at will. Items such as crates, wooden logs, pallets,... Read More