Choosing the Right Furniture for Your Early Years Setting

nursery classroom with wooden furniture

The importance of choosing furniture for your nursery or early years classroom

Choosing the right furniture for your nursery or early years setting is an important choice that requires some consideration. Not only do you have to think about how you want your setting to look, but the most important factor to also consider is how it will affect and benefit children. You want to maximise opportunities for learning while giving them a sense of purpose in their day to day, all while attempting to keep their attention. That in itself is a big task, but it’s easily overcome with the right guidance and information.

Young children will always respond positively to their environment if it feels safe, comfortable and has areas that clearly communicate and encourage participation in active learning. The issue is, finding the right type of furniture to create this environment is tough. It’s either too bulky or too tall and can be rather intimidating for our crawlers, wobblers and stompers.

The right furniture helps to:

  • Create a happy, engaging environment and makes children want to learn

Child-sized furniture that encourages independent access will motivate children to explore their surroundings and take the initiative to seek out new experiences.

  • Improve focus and concentration

Youngsters can easily be distracted, so furniture and storage that helps keep everything in place and organised will help promote a calm, clutter-free environment that is without distractions.

  • Develop important skills

Every aspect of a room plays a role in child development, and furniture is in many ways a learning tool for youngsters and helps them cultivate a range of skills. For example, it can teach them to be disciplined and listen as you instruct them to put books, toys and resources back into their respective homes. Furniture such as tables allows for the creation of collaborative spaces that promote social skills and communication.  

An introduction to the EYR classroom furniture range

We recommend wooden furniture or MDF as it’s hard-wearing, sturdy and gives a ‘natural’ feel to the learning environment. Wooden furniture offers excellent value for money and is worth the initial investment due to its durability and ability to last many years.  

With this in mind, we have developed our very own range of Early Years Furniture, designed to make the most effective use of space whilst enabling children to be seen as well as heard. Our EYR furniture range offers the full classroom solution, across all early years.

Foundation Stage Furniture (3-5 years)

It all started with our Foundation Stage units. Launched in 2015, they were designed to create an enabling environment that could also be adapted, allowing different areas to be changed and developed according to areas of learning and children’s interests.  

Exploration, Role Play and Block play Zone

Just My Size (1-3 years)

We created 4 multi-use units that could be used as independent pieces or combined to make specific learning areas. The launch was a fantastic success, and we knew we were helping 100s of people across the UK solve a genuine problem. So, naturally, we expanded! Just My Size grew from 4 units to 13. The range now consists of everything from low-play tables to double-sided play and display units.

Loose Parts Storage, Play & Display Unit and Free Standing Shelf Unit

Active Play (18 months +)

After the success of our Just My Size and Foundation Stage, we were keen to take our offering that final step further. The EYR Active Play furniture brings a fun and exciting element to Early Years’ Furniture. The individual platforms and ramps are designed to encourage imaginative play and physical development, allowing the little ones to crawl and climb at different levels whilst engaging in meaningful play. The other pieces of furniture in the range, such as the Platform with Trundle Drawers, encourage children to seek out resources, lending to their natural curiosity.

Platform with Trundle Drawers, Book Cart and the Platforms And Ramp Set

With the Active Play range, you can set aside space for different activities. The Book cart makes a fantastic addition to literature or library areas and are a great way to expose youngsters to the wonderful world of reading. The Active Play Book Cart or the dual purpose Just My Size Bookcase is perfect for displaying classroom favourites. With ample storage space, you can exhibit ‘books of the week’ or books relevant to areas of learning as part of the EYFS curriculum. Openly displaying books and making them accessible will give youngsters the confidence to pick out a book of their choice, will increase their interest in literature and develop a genuine love of reading.

Safety is paramount when dealing with young children, which is why our furniture features rounded bullnose polished edges. The whole range has been designed with our audience at the forefront of our minds after our in-house teacher experienced her own frustrations with classroom furniture towering over her little ones.

When choosing furniture for your setting, it’s best to ensure that it’s:

  • Sturdy, strong, durable and able to withstand busy environments
  • Free from sharp edges and corners
  • Age and size appropriate
  • Comfortable and safe
  • Easy to move around so you can make the most effective use of space when necessary  

Certain aspects should be at the forefront of your decision making when selecting furniture. But most importantly, you should consider investing in quality resources that will last for years to come and contribute towards creating a motivating environment.

Our focus is and always will be providing high-quality educational supplies that inspire a love for learning. Our exclusively developed furniture ranges are multi-functional and can be used interchangeably to create dynamic learning areas. This is especially perfect for settings where space isn’t in excess and full-size furniture isn’t a practical option. Our EYR exclusively developed furniture means you can adapt or modify the layout of your setting to create a fresh, new learning environment and effortlessly cater to changing needs.

Choosing the right furniture for your early years setting or classroom is only part of the process. Designing a learning environment also takes much thought and consideration. At Early Years Resources, we offer a nursery and preschool room design service free of charge. Our specialist team are on hand to deliver expert advice and help you with the planning and design of your setting. We’ll carry out an on-site consultation, design plan, CAD drawings and provide additional advice on suitable resources, all for free. Once you’ve placed your order with us we will arrange a time and date for delivery and installation that’s suited to you. If you’re interested in this service all you need to do is fill in a form or email us and we’ll take it from there!

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