National Insect Week Activities & Ideas

insect week activities

Encourage the children to celebrate all things creepy crawly this National Insect Week and learn more about the most diverse group of animals with our exciting range of hands-on insect activity ideas – perfect for your primary school, nursery or early years setting!

Top 10 National Insect Week Ideas & Activities

Create a Miniature Minibeast Scene

Build your own magical miniature world of creepy crawlies! Inspire the little ones imaginations by using our mesmerising In The Garden Tuff Tray Mat as your tuff spot base – then add an array of mini insect figures, magnifiers and natural resources, such as moss and twigs, to bring your mystical minibeast scene to life!

Build an Insect Hotel Habitat

Explore the homes of minibeasts! Get the children to hunt outdoors for various natural resources, such as bark, leaves and straw – then ask them to use the materials they find to recreate habitats for different insects in a Bug Base.

Go on a Minibeast Safari

Get up close and personal with insects! Go on an exciting minibeast hunt outdoors, using pooters, jars, nets and pots to collect any bugs that the children find. Get them to keep note of any insects they recognise using a minibeast spotter sheet and let them get even closer to them with magnifiers.

Make a Fluffy Spider

Time to get crafty! Let the children create their very own DIY spiders, using black pompoms, pipe cleaners, googly eyes and a cord for spider silk – then why not go all out with spider web print as a display backdrop or tear up cotton wool to make your own cobwebs for a spooky effect!

Create a Giant Butterfly Garden

Transform your classroom into a beautiful Giant Butterfly Garden! Let the children create giant butterflies using paper plates and pipe cleaners – then decorate them with dazzling beads and jewels.

Invent an Imaginary Insect

Inspire creativity! Ask the children to draw up an imaginary insect with a head, body and 6 legs using coloured pencils – then organise a competition for the most inventive minibeast!

Make up a Creepy Crawly Story

Get imaginative with all things creepy crawly! Fill your story bags with a bunch of mini insects and other random objects and figures – then pull out 3 random objects and ask the children to create stories about the different outcomes they pull out of the bags.

Explore Much-Loved Classic Tales

Explore the delightful world of The Very Hungry Caterpillar! Get the children to complete caterpillar number card activities, mazes and story cards with our free downloadable Caterpillar Activity Pack.

Play a Ladybird Counting Game

Develop the children’s numeracy skills! Roll the dice, match the spots and count the ladybirds hiding on the leaves with the exciting Game of Ladybirds. Let’s learn to count!

Create an Edible Butterfly

Tempt the sweet-tooth! Let the children make their own Lovely Lilly Lolly Butterfly, using patterned paper, card, pipe cleaners, googly eyes and their favourite lolly pop!

It’s time to head on an exciting minibeast safari…!

bug base insect hotel

If you need more inspiration for National Insect Week, you can explore our complete range of Minibeast Resources & Equipment for EYFS on our website and print out our FREE Downloadable Minibeast Resources as well!

minibeast resources

We would love to know what activities your children get up to this insect week! So don’t forget to share your National Insect Week photos with us on our Facebook or Twitter and tell us which activity was your favourite.

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