Top 10 Sand & Water Play Activities

Bring the seaside to you with our top 10 sensational sand and water play activity ideas!

There’s no better time to get outside and enjoy some superb sand and water play than when the sun is shining down in the summer! Children naturally love to explore and investigate  and sand and water play is a great way of inspiring the children’s curiosity and keeping them engaged.

Not only does sand and water play provide children with endless hours of digging and splashing fun, but it also enhances the children’s learning and development in key areas – improving their social skills, language, motor skills and cognitive ability. Sand and water play expands the children’s creativity and imagination, stimulates their senses and introduces them to new textures and concepts that help them make sense of the world around them.

The fun never stops with sand and water play! Try out some alternative sand and water play activities this summer with our fabulous top 10 sand and water activities list.

Top 5 Water Play Activities:

Splish, splash, splosh – let the little ones cool off with these wonderful water play activity ideas.

Fizzy Fishing Fun

Let’s go fishing! Enhance the children’s sensory experience by making the water fizz with baking soda and vinegar or simply adding a bath bomb – then pop some Fish into the fizzing water for a fantastically fun fizzy fishing game.

Sensory Water Den

Illuminate your water table! Send your water table into darkness by placing it underneath a play den or create your own indoor play den with Fabrics – then add glow sticks, Glow Number Pebbles or Glow Spaghetti for an exhilarating and heightened sensory water play experience!

Water Wall Dash

Enjoy a cascade of gushing water! Build your own Water Way or Water Wall with funnels, tubes and containers to create the ultimate water obstacle course – then let the children race ping pong balls down the tubes, pouring and scooping as they go! You could even add Food Colouring for a beautiful multi-coloured effect.

Treasure Hunt Splash

Inspire the children’s curiosity by placing Mirrors under the water! Add shiny and bright objects such as Metal Pots & Pans to stimulate their senses even further  then bury Coins for a mesmerising reflective treasure hunt.

Foamy Car Wash

Time to make those cars squeaky clean! Add soap to the water to create a foamy madness of bubbles – then get the Sponges out to let the children clean their favourite toy Cars to their hearts content. You could also sprinkle in some Glitter for an added glistening effect!

Top 5 Sand Play Activities:

Scoop, sprinkle, shape – time to get messy with these sizzling sand play activity ideas!

Dinosaur Swamp Dig

Inspire the little ones imaginations! Create the ultimate swamp for your Dinosaurs by mixing in water to make wet sand and adding in natural resources such as leaves, twigs and stones from your garden. You could also insert some Dinosaur Footprints for an added mysterious effect!

Illuminated Mark Making

Light up your sand! Heighten the children’s sensory experience by pouring sand onto a Light Panel or Light Table, then let the children enjoy mark making – drawing letters, numbers and pictures into the sand with their fingers, utensils or Paint Brushes.

Magnetic Treasure Hunt

Let’s go on an enticing treasure hunt! Bury magnetic objects in the sand, such as paperclips, and give the children Magnets to help them find them.

Colourful Digger Run

Children love filling and emptying! Get the children to pop their Hard Hats on and use Diggers to transport and tip the sand into different zones of the sand table. You could also add Food Colouring to the sand for a vibrant effect!

Sand Castle Competition

Everyone loves building a sand castle! So why not inspire the children’s creativity with a fun sand castle competition with our Sand Play Set!

Sand & Water Play Resources:

Not got a sand and water table or fancy enhancing your selection of sand and water play accessories? Then explore our exciting range of Sand & Water Tables and Accessories.

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These sand and water play activities were inspired by ideas submitted by childminders.

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