Essential Childminding Equipment List

essential childminding equipment checklist

New to childminding or thinking about setting up your own childminding business in your home? Make sure you’ve got all the childminding essentials you need to look after young children with our handy essentials checklist for childminders!


It is extremely important to ensure that you have a safe and healthy environment for children with equipment that conforms to the safety standards. Promote safety in your childminding setting and make sure you have the following childcare safety essentials:

  • Baby Monitor
  • Fireguards
  • First Aid Kit – If you wish to improve your first aid knowledge, we also have a handy First Aid Book, which gives a step-by-step first aid guidance for babies and children!
  • Smoke Alarms
  • Socket Covers


If you are planning to provide food as part of your normal childminding service, then you must ensure that the food preparation, storage, handling and equipment is in compliance with the food hygiene regulations. Make sure you have got the fundamental feeding equipment to assist with each child’s individual needs:


Children’s individual sleeping routines may be different and need to be respected. Therefore, it is important that you have the appropriate furniture and equipment for children to sleep or rest in. Ensure you provide the following childminding sleeping essentials in your childcare setting:

  • A Cot
  • Separate Sheets and Bedding for each child


The children must have access to adequate toilet and washing facilities and nappy changing should take place in accordance with each child’s individual needs. Make sure that you have the following basic bathroom equipment in your childminding setting:


Appropriate arrangements must be made to ensure that children are safely escorted to local parks and playgrounds on a regular basis. Therefore, any vehicle used to transport children must conform to legal requirements, so you must make sure that you’re equipped with the travelling essentials:

  • Buggy
  • Car Seats
  • Wrist Strap or Reins – If you are taking numerous children out on a walk, our Walkodile Grab And Go lets the children link together for increased safety!

Now that you’ve got the childcare basics sorted, you’re ready to get your childminding business into full swing!

essential childminding resources

Additional Childminding Resources

At Early Years Resources, we boast a fantastic Childminders Selection online to help enhance your childminding setting and help you reach your outstanding goal. Our range features an extensive selection of children’s resources and equipment – chosen especially for childminders!

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