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Transform your Tuff Tray with our exciting, open-ended accessory kits. We've scoured our product ranges to create sets which provide inspirational, multi-sensory learning opportunities reflecting all areas of the EYFS, and bundled them together in one convenient kit.

Take a look below for bucket loads of Tuff Tray inspiration for your Tuff Spot activities! If that's not enough inspiration have a read over our blog to find tuff tray activities and ideas your children will love

Once Upon a Time Kit

Once upon a time...

Our Once Upon a Time kit brings a bit of magic to your Tuff Tray. It includes a Once Upon a Time Felt Mat, Pod and Fruit Basket, Nature Blocks, Colourful Castle, Fairy Folk Wooden Characters, Royalty Finger Puppets, Acrylic Gem Stones, Jingle Bells and Tinsel Pipe Cleaners. 

This kit will take centre stage during storytelling activities, and will also encourage small world play, sensory play and more. 




Rainbow Colour Sorting and Counting

This bright and colourful kits includes a Summer Colours Tuff Tray Mat, 12 Jumbo Tweezers, Birds in a Nest Sorting Set, 6 Pyramid Bean Bags, 72 Farm Animal Counters, 3 Colour Panels, 6 Non-tip Storage Pots, 6 Rainbow Dice, and 18 Translucent Colour Pots with Lids. 

Designed to engage children and encourage learning through play, this kit will help develop children's fine motor skills, counting skills, sorting skills, and more. 


Savannah Kit

The Savannah Kit opens children up to a world of discovery! Go on an excursion through the safari and explore the wonders of this miniature small world scene. 

The kit features the Savannah Mat, Nature Blocks, Wild Animal Counters, River Pebbles, Natural Rattan, Bell Cups, Lotus Heads and Safari Footprints

The natural resources and blocks are fantastic for creating inspirational, multi-sensory learning opportunities and developing your little ones fine motor skills. 

Farmyard Kit

This idyllic Farmyard Kit is a firm favourite with little ones, encouraging learning through small world play.

It features the Farmyard Felt Mat, 5 Little Ducks Rhyme Set, Farm Finger Puppets, Play Farm, Acorns, Tea Branches and River Pebbles. 

The natural resources included are great for sensory play activities, while the rhyme set and finger puppets are ideal for storytelling.



Space Kit

One small step for man...

Our Space Kit is truly out of this world!

It includes a Lunar Felt Mat, 5 Little Men Story Pack, Black Polished Pebbles, Wooden Rocket, Rocket Sets, Space Figures, Glow in the Dark Solar System, and a Ten Little Aliens Book.

Fantastic for engaging children's imaginations, this Tuff Tray Kit is great for small world play, literacy activities, and sensory play.

In the Garden Kit

Bring investigation and discovery into your small world play with our fantastic In the Garden Kit. 

It includes an In the Garden Felt Mat, Giant Bug Figures, Jumbo Magnifiers, River Pebbles, Mixed Moss Pack, Natural Rattan, Handy Scoopers, Mini Insects Figures.

This kit helps to bring the outdoors, in! Not only is it a great learning resource for Science and Nature, it is also wonderful for fine motor skill development and sensory play activities. 


Big Builders Kit

The Big Builders Kit will put your little ones to work!

Featuring the Quarry Felt Mat, Construction Vehicles, Handy Scoops, Kinetic Sand, River Pebbles, Flour Shovel, Trowels, Spade, Rake, Small Bucket, and Construction Figures; this Tuff Tray Kit is a wonderful teaching resource.

With Sand and Water tools included, it is ideal for sensory play, improving fine motor skills, and learning about the surrounding world. 


Dinosaur Kit 

Ready to be transported back in time?

Our wonderful Dinosaur Tuff Tray Kit is a firm favourite with Children. It includes our Jurassic Felt mat, Small World Cave, Dinosaur Figures, Dinosaur Skulls, Dinosaur Bones, River Pebbles, Natural Rattan, Natural Bamboo Circles, Mixed Moss Pack and Easy Hold Magnifier.

Sensory play and small world play activities are ideal for this Tuff Tray Kit.





Make a Mark Kit

Our Make a Mark Kit is perfect for exploring mark making on a grand scale! Children can experiment with different tools and get to grips with creating various textures and colourful patterns. 

This exciting set includes Hedgehog Balls, Sensory Dough Spheres, Egg Jetballs, a Tub of Marbles, Big Texture Printers, Soft Grip Stampers and Paint and Dough Rollers.

 Each element in the kit has a different tactile feel bringing new sensory experiences. Mark making is an important pre-writing activity so this kit is ideal for incorporating learning into sensory play activities.


Superhero Kit

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? 

No it's our superb Superhero Kit! Featuring our Superhero Felt Mat, Mirror Blocks, Rainbow Blocks, Superhero Wooden Characters, Emergency Vehicles and Sound Bank Plus Mirror, this kit is sure to capture children's imaginations.

Great for small world play, our superhero figures are also a fantastic resource for pshe.

Under the Sea Kit

Our Under the Sea Tuff Tray Kit brings a whole new world to the surface! 

Includes our Coral Reef Mat, Ocean Figures, Shell Assortment, Giant Gemstones, Sea Fantasy Wooden Characters, Agate Slices, and Easy Hold Colour Panels. 

Ideal for sensory play, small world play, messy play and more, this kit is your one stop shop for exploration and discovery!


Sparkle and Shine Kit

Our Mirror Tuff Tray Kit is blindingly brilliant!

Includes our Mirror Tuff Tray Mat, Mini Treasure Pack, Kitchen Bowl Pack, Assorted Jingle Bells, Acrylic Gemstones, Pony Beads, Tinsel Pipe Cleaners and Glitter Pom Poms.

This fabulously shiny and sparkly kit is great for developing fine motor skills. The glittery pom poms and shimmery beads will be a great hit with little ones and the reflective surface of the mirror mat will add a great sensory element to the kit.