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New Outdoor Maths Resources

Introducing our exclusive range of Outdoor Classroom Maths resources.

Not only can outdoor maths introduce a new environment to a child’s way of learning but research shows that breathing in fresh air and being exposed to the scents of flowers and plants can reduce stress which is a huge benefit for the child's mental health.

We have a wide range of versatile outdoor maths resources to not only switch up the classroom to outdoors but for your children to get hands-on and enjoy the sensory experiences that nature has to offer to the classroom and beyond.

Go Bag Maths Set


Versatile Maths Set



Counters can be adapted to any game or maths activity taking place. Whether you're creating number bonds or grouping into the different elements of nature these different styles of counters are a great way to adapt your outdoor classroom.


Chalk tiles can be used on their own or grouped together. These tiles are a great way for your little ones to begin writing out numerical symbols or to complete a sum.


Tiles are a brilliant way for your little ones to use either alongside other Outdoor Classroom products or on their own. They can be used to begin to understand how to count and with the notches your child can get to grips with how numbers are formed.


These solid wood frames are the perfect product to combine different components to. Whether you're collecting natural items to group or creating sums these versatile frames can be adapted in a way that suits ow your little ones work.


We have you covered when it comes to accessories to go with your Frames and tiles. These tactile products are a fantastic way to add to your outdoor activity.


We've got all of the tips, tricks and scavenger hunts that you need to complete your Autumnal outdoor dreams: