Make Your Own Spring Flowers [VIDEO]

Sensational Spring Displays usually have one main ingredient; flowers! Our easy-to-do Spring Flowers are perfect for children, whether in nurseries, schools or even at home.

Learn how to make these simple Spring Flowers by watching our video tutorial or following the steps below.

Art Materials You Will Need:

Step 1: Layer several pieces of tissue paper, gluing each in the middle.

Step 2: Draw around something circular to create the base of your flower, add scalloped petals.

Step 3: Cut your flower out and begin to scrunch layers from inside to out.

Step 4: Stick your flower head to the lolly stick.

Step 5: Using a pipe cleaner make a figure 8 and stick to the lolly stick.

We would love to see how you get on! Send us pictures of your masterpieces on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and don’t forget to use the hashtag #EYRhub. Don’t forget to check out our other crafts ideas online!

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