Make Your Own Spring Creatures [VIDEO]

It’s nearly time for some sensational spring displays and creative craft activities! Our easy-to-do Spring Creatures craft activity is perfect for children, whether in nurseries, schools or even at home, and will be a great addition to any displays 🐞

Learn how to make these simple Spring Creatures by watching our video tutorial or following the steps below.

Art Materials You Will Need:

Step 1: Cut several strips of paper to create the body.

Step 2: Draw Around something circular to create the base and cut it out.

Step 3: Layer strips by gluing one end to the base and secure on the other side with glue.

Step 4: Repeat Step 3 until the base is filled, and no gaps are showing.

Step 5: Using the remaining paper, draw your creature’s face and any other identifying features, and cut them out.

Step 6: Glue your cut outs and Wiggly Eyes on to your creatures body, or alternatively draw your eyes on.

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