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The most magical team of superheroes that you will ever find!

The Superpower Superhero Set comprises of 6 beautiful handcrafted superhero skittles – each with a dedicated superpower to help children sort an odd little worry or niggle. Each character has been created with a common personality trait that can be woven into everyday life in your setting – familiar faces to help face fears!

These magical superheroes are perfect for adding an extra dimension to imaginative play and can be used in a wide variety of scenarios, such as circle time and PHSE activities.

Nursery Nook used these special superheroes to encourage communication during circle time and said that “having a specific hero to hold made the experience more sensory.

SEN Resources used the superhero set during imaginative play and said that “because each superhero has a different costume colour and design, it gives children the idea that they each have their own personality - further fuelling their imaginative play

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