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The most magical team of superheroes that you will ever find!

The award-winning Superpower Superhero Set comprises of 6 beautifully handcrafted superhero skittles – each with a dedicated superpower and positive personality trait that can be woven into everyday life in your setting. Familiar faces to help children face familiar worries or fears!

Stretch their creativity and bring out their inner storyteller. These courageous superheroes are perfect for adding an extra dimension to imaginative play and can be used in a wide variety of scenarios, such as encouraging children to communicate during circle time and PHSE activities. 


"Our circle times ran as we had hoped and having a specific hero to hold made the experience more sensory"

James Tunnell, Nurserynook

“The superheroes can be used very flexibly with different-aged children to increase vocabulary and tell stories about what their names mean” 

June O’Sullivan MBE

"The charm of these toys has to be their simplicity"
"They are fantastic for sparking the imagination of children"

Georgina Durrant, SEN Resources

No mission will prove impossible once your little heroes get their hands on the Superpower Superhero Set. What hidden powers will emerge? Who's going to save the day? With plenty of epic adventures, how will they showcase their bravery, courage and strength? 

It's the perfect resource for boys and girls! Wonderfully vibrant and fun, these special wooden figures will ignite imaginations while supporting children's emotional wellbeing and empowering them to be the best versions of themselves. 

Meet The Gang!

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