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Imaginative Play Resources

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Early Years Resources stocks a vast array of role play area equipment, imaginative play toys and dramatic play resources for toddler and young children. Our selection of imaginative play toys and imaginative play resources is suitable for play at home at in school environments such as nurseries, primary schools, after school clubs and daycare centres. Imaginative play, pretend play, creative play or dramatic play encompasses every strand of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and Key Stage 1 (KS1) curriculum, as it enables children to express themselves and explore feelings through play.

Our extensive selection of children’s imaginative play resources will provide everything you need to excite and encourage children to experience creative and imaginative play.

Role Play Area Resources

Early Years Resources stocks a wealth of role play area equipment and imaginative play resources to create your ideal imaginative play area. Brighten up your home corner role play area with our fantastic furniture and kitchen collections and create a realistic shopping environment with our realistic range of play food, tills, market stalls, role play panels and pop ups. Enjoy endless hours of pretend play, whatever the weather, with our extensive selection of playhouses, whilst our wide selection of imaginative play scenes can be used in many different configurations to create separate home corners, make room dividers or use as display boards.

Dramatic Play Resources

Excite young children's curiosity with our fantastic range dramatic play resources which includes dressing up outfits and role play accessories. Our dramatic play outfits includes people who help us, fairytale and fantasy dressing costumes.  Create the perfect stage for storytelling favourites such as: Goldilocks, Red Riding Hood, the Three Little Pigs, Billy Goats Gruff, Cinderella and Nursery Rhyme favourites with our extensive range of hand puppets, finger puppets and puppet theatres. We have also included a selection of animal puppets, people puppets, with different ethnicities and occupations, and puppets to support Personal, Social and Emotional development.

Imaginative Play Toys

Young children will have endless fun with our selection of imaginative play toys. Our selection of small world people, animals, cars and trains can be used to create miniature worlds or small world environments where they can replay family events, act out familiar stories or make up new situations. At Early Years Resources we have sourced an extensive and inspiring range of miniature world people, miniature world animals, miniature world environments and miniature world transport scenarios to echance your small world role play area.

Curiosity drives children’s play and learning, and imaginative play fosters and builds creative thinking skills. Through imaginative play children learn about the world around them. Children are not restricted by adult boundaries and are really inventive; a simple piece of fabric can become a den, butterfly wings, a royal cloak or something to swirl and twirl and dance in the breeze. Open ended children’s imaginative play resources are essential for imaginative, creative and heuristic play as it allows children to create props and role play scenarios whilst experiencing endless learning opportunities. Imaginative play encourages social skills, personal skills and emotional development in children such as cooperation, creative expression and feeling. Imaginative play also improves physical development such as fine motor skills through manipulating imaginative play toys, coordination and spacial awareness. Creative and dramatic play encourages language development, knowledge of the world, numeracy, literacy and an early introduction to science and technology.