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The theme for this year's British Science Week is Journeys. With this in mind we've hand selected products from our wide range of resources that can both tie in with this theme, and also the national curriculum.

Journeys on Earth and Beyond

The most obvious journeys are the ones that we do everyday; driving, flying or walking. Whether it's teaching children about travelling to different places on Earth or exploring space and beyond - physical journeys are a great area to focus on during British Science Week.

Electric Journeys

Journeys can be related to many things - including time, technology and electricity.

Teaching children about how electricity was discovered, how technology has advanced, and how society has changed are key aspects of the national curriculum and can easily be introduced during British Science Week. 

Journeys Through Nature

Some of the most fascinating journeys are made by those in nature. With British Science Week taking place in Spring, this is the perfect time to explore the outdoors and discover how journeys relate to the natural world.

British Science Week Essentials

British Science Week is the perfect opportunity for experiments, craft activities, and introducing children to the fun of science! Below are some essential resources to make your exciting and engaging activities run smoothly.