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Handprint Parrots

These colourful Parrots are fun and easy to make, the perfect summer craft to do with kids! Suitable for ages 0 to 5 years old. Read the simple instructions below to get started on your Handprint Parrots:

Handprint Parrots

Art materials you will need:

Instructions for your Handprint Parrots:

Step 1: Draw a body and beak onto coloured paper and cut them out. Glue the beak onto the body.

Step 2:Draw around your hand lots of times onto different coloured paper and cut these out.

Step 3:Glue a handprint shape to the back of the parrot’s head to make a fluffy crest.

Step 4:Glue handprint shapes into a fan to make the tail, and glue this onto the body. Add more handprints higher up the body, and use two extra hand shapes to make wings. You may need to trim the handprints in places to get a good shape.

Step 5:Glue a googly eye onto the parrot.

Did you know? Their bright coloured feathers provide camouflage in the rainforests where they live, where trees and plants are also very colourful!

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