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Product Reviews for Tuff Tray & Tuff Tray Stand Special Offer

Very good quality And super useful

I have been looking for one for a while, compared a few online and thought this looked the best. Very good quality, smooth, no dip in the middle or cracks, my little 2 year old loves it, we do messy play at home with this and my carpet is saved! Would say this is probably a must! Just be aware of size, quite large but makes it better for play

November 22, 2019
My boys love it!

I bought this for my boys to use in the garden and we have had so much play from it so far.

September 3, 2019
Great Item

The stand is great now my son is older. It makes it easier for him to use the tuff spot. Sturdy and the size adjustments give it a long life span.

August 6, 2019
Excellent product

Perfect easy to assemble

December 29, 2017
Love the tuff spot and stand.

This is my favourite thing I've brought for my setting it's absolutely loved by the children and I highly recommend having the stand to the children enjoy it being at there height and not on the floor.

May 4, 2017
Happy 3 year old, happy mama

We've wanted one of these for over a year since seeing one at a toddler group. They are so much more than a sandpit, although that is what we're using it for at the moment. Whereas a sand tray is just that I cant wait to use our tuff tray in the summer for all sorts including Ooblek and other messy play. We also love the size. It means several children can play at once without invading each others play space. Buying the tray and stand on special offer was also great value.

May 6, 2015