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Tuff trays are a fantastic open-ended resource which promote positive play and provide multiple play opportunities. 

By adding characters or creatures, sand or water, sprinkles or sparkles and scene setter mats to your Tuff Tray – it not only inspires the children’s imaginations, but it also enhance their multi-sensory learning experiences.

From messy play to small world play…the possibilities are endless!

 Optimal size and shape which allows children to effectively explore, engage and encourage group play.

8 raised sides to contain a variety of materials including natural resources, paint, sand, and even water.

Made from heavy duty plastic for durability.

Can be placed on a floor for toddler exploration or on Height Adjustable Legs for different age groups or classroom displays.

Easy to clean, easy to store and easy to assemble.

The standard Tuff Tray has a diameter of 91 x 91cm and the Mini Tuff Tray has a diameter of 70 x 70cm.

Creativity and imagination: tray play offers children the opportunity to explore independently which fosters creativity and imagination.

Focused play: having activities “contained” without the tuff tray rather than spread around a room provides children with a focused area for play.

Childhood development: the opportunities for tuff tray activities are endless and can be used to target various aspects of a child’s development for example cognitive or physical development. 

Improve social skills: tuff trays are a great resource for group play which can help to build social skills like confidence and speech and language development.