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Supporting children through transitions

Change is a fundamental part of childhood and a process all children will go through. A child's capacity to cope with change in the long term and short term is entirely dependent on their transition experience. Whether that means transitioning from riding a tricycle to a bike or starting school, the transition needs to be supported by the people they rely on the most. Ensuring they have a positive experience will have a significant impact on their development and emotional wellbeing. So we must provide the tools to help them effectively deal with any new challenges they may face. 


"It’s hard to come to terms with your child going somewhere and not being able to be as 'free' in a sense to make own decisions and choices in their learning" - Parent


With the help of our industry experts, we've created a resourceful PDF that you can use as a guide to better understand the transition process for children and learn to provide additional support. Backed by field based research and hands-on experience, our experts share tips, suggestions and helpful advice that can help ensure children go through a smooth and successful transition. Whether you're a parent, carer or practitioner, you will be sure to find useful information within this guide. 

With the right guidance and support, transition can move from being a nerve-racking and anxiety-inducing experience to an exciting one for both children and parents. We've selected a range of resources we think you'll love that will help you support children through the period of transition.


Head over to our blog and read all about supporting transition from a parent's point of view. Our industry expert Jen Kinsman shares her first-hand experience of transition with her two sons, one aged four and the other aged two.