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These amazing Storytime Sets are suitable for children between the ages of 2-7 and for all abilities. They contain a variety of multi-sensory contents which is all ideal for SEN, including picture books with simple language for early readers. 

Each set contains a fictional story book, a non-fiction themed book, a set of characters to bring the story to life, and a puzzle or game to extend the theme even further! They can be used as a standalone set or alongside our tuff tray mats and kits to expand learning and play.

These sets will help:

Support communication and language in the EYFS
Promote listening and engagement through storytelling
Develop speech through repetitive sounds and phrases and increase vocabulary
Develop imaginative language 
Support PSHE activities 


Fairytale Storytime Set

Immerse your young ones into the wonderful world of fairy tales and fantasy lands with this exciting story set. 

Red Dragon finger puppet included to accompany the story. Try using alongside our Once Upon a Time Tuff Tray Kit to extend play!


Superhero Storytime Set

Our favourite Superheroes are here to save the day! This Story Set is the number one partner in crime to our superhero tuff tray set

This epic set also includes a cuddly superhero bat and our Superhero Duo of finger puppets, perfectly sized for little fingers.

Space Storytime Set

Enrich your space topic with our out of this world Storytime Set. Try using it alongside our Space Tuff Tray Kit.

This Space Story Bag Set also includes a shiny Silver Star finger puppet, a friendly alien finger puppet perfect for engaging with story time. 

All packed away in a handy drawstring bag supplied.

Dinosaur Storytime Set

The perfect resource for any dinosaur topic! This set is even perfect for those who are intrigued by the wonderful giants who once roamed the earth.

Try using with our Dinosaur Tuff Tray Kit to extend play and enhance learning.

Under the Sea Storytime Set

Transport your class to the depths the ocean with this fun, engaging and exciting story time set. Combine with our Under the Sea Tuff Tray Set as a wonderful accompaniment to your topic. 

This wonderful Story Set includes 3 under the sea character finger puppets including a clown fish, orca and a shark. The perfect addition to bring stories to life, encourage participation and creativity.






Farmyard Storytime Set

Get the most out of your Farm topic with our Farmyard story time set! Use in conjunction with our Farmyard Tuff Tray Kit to really extend your play value.

This set also includes 3 farmyard friend finger puppets to engage youngsters and encourage them to retell the stories in their own words. Includes: sheep, pig and cow finger puppets and a handy drawstring bag.



In the Garden Storytime Set

The perfect accompaniment to our In the Garden Tuff Tray Set! Take your bug hunting to the next level with this story set.

This set also includes 3 marvellous mini beast finger puppets: ladybird, bumble bee and butterfly, perfect for bringing your stories to life! All conveniently packed in a handy drawstring bag.






Pirates Storytime Set

Ahoy! A great enhancement to the Treasure Island Tuff Tray Set, this great set includes a range of themed resources perfect for imaginative play and story time. 

Also included in this terrific set is a frog finger puppet, a pirate finger puppet and a set of pirate’s skittles with ball to bring your stories to life.

Builders Storytime Set

A great addition to our Construction Tuff Tray Set. The Diggers Story Set gives an interactive appeal that aids recognition. 

This set also includes a Dumpy Digger, and an elephant finger puppet to help tell the tale.

Penguins Storytime Set

Enhance your Winter topic with this excellent Storytime set featuring all things penguin related! A great accompaniment to our Polar Tuff Tray Set.

This chilly set also includes a penguin finger puppet for interaction with story time and a handy drawstring bag.

Spectacular Story Sets & Accessories!