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What is SteriTouch®?

SteriTouch® is an antimicrobial which is included in the PVC coated fabric used on our furniture ranges; the Black and White Range, the Palm Print Range and the Around the Town Range

SteriTouch® works by eradicating bacteria which causes contamination and infection, not to mention bacteria that can cause bad smells and stains. The antimicrobial effect can also protect the material against degradation, giving it a durability and helping it to last longer. Especially useful in a school, nursery or childminder setting!

SteriTouch® does not create a completely sterile environment though, after all, we know that certain types of bacteria are good for little ones and help to build a healthy immune system. However, certain bacterial infections can be more serious which is when SteriTouch® acts as another protective barrier to routine cleaning.

Can it help to protect against COVID-19?

Coronavirus is known as an 'enveloped virus', due to its fatty outer membrane. Several of the active substances used in SteriTouch® have been successfully tested against other enveloped viruses, such as Influenza. It would therefore be reasonable to imply that it would also be effective against COVID-19, but at this stage testing against the virus is not possible. 

For further understanding on the preventive effects SteriTouch® may have on COVID-19, please read this article from SteriTouch® themselves.

The gender-neutral Black and White Animal Print range has been designed to create a neutral environment with a bit of pizzazz, and features familiar jungle animals.

The bold and vibrant Palm Print Range will be a stylish addition to any school or nursery setting. Solid as well as comfortable, the range is suitable for Foundation Stage.

A great focal point for any setting, the Around the Town Range features a gorgeous road map print, perfoect for supporting any Imaginative Play activities.