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Dyslexia Kit In A Bag

Code: ZB1197
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Dylexia is a condition that is estimated to affect 20% of the general population, 4-6% severely.

It is not gender specific and is often mistaken as a condition affecting a person's academic ability.

What does this mean for us?

Generally in each class of 30 we would expect to see 5-6 pupils with dyslexia. Most classes with have 1 or 2 children who struggle and may have a diagnosis leaving a further 3-4 students with difficulties that remain undiagnosed.

This kit in a bag supports children and young people who have dyslexia diagnosed or undiagnosed in the classroom. It also supports individuals to understand their condition, know how to ask for help and identify the best ways to assist taking a person centred approach. Within this set there are resources to:

  • help young people talk about their difficulties and what helps
  • to support self organisation
  • to help raise self esteem and confidence
  • to help a child let you know if they are worried or upset
  • help give the child a voice and tell you what they may need

The kit comes with a booklet including photocopy resources. It is full of really useful information, instructions and ideas with free printable resources to use time and time again.

They are designed to stimulate conversation with a young person to find out more about them and identify how best you can help.

Kit content:    

  • Let's Get Organised Curriculum Self Organisation Fan
    -Help children to understand what they need for each lesson 
  • Rotary Schedule Board with mini dry wipe boards and pen (helps with self organisation)
    -Display visual symbols and use the arrow to point to what is happening next 
  • What do I do if I am worried fan
    -Help a child explain how they are feeling and how important that feeling is 
  • How do I tell someone if I am worried fan
    -Help children know what to do when they feel worried 
  • What do I do if I am being bullied fan
    -Help empower a child and build up their confidence in understanding strategies to stop bullying 
  • Emotions and Expressions Fan
    -Helps individuals to tell you how they are feeling by grading the intensity of their emotions 
  • I Feel Fan
    -Help children identify expressions and what feelings they represent 
  • Now/Then communications kit 
    -Use to support transition and change
  •   Set of mini dry wipe boards
    -Use to create your own symbols or words over and over again
  •   Cloud dry wipe board
  • Set of 2 'It's all OK/It's not OK' mood bands
    -Mood bands help children tell you how they feel, turn them over to illustrate feelings such as It's all OK or It's not OK
  • My special Sticker Sets with Blank Fans
    -Stickers to help raise self esteem and confidence for those with diagnosed or undiagnosed dyslexia 
  • A photocopiable resource book. Use to print off posters and activities including resources to take home.

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