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Sand and Water Play Equipment

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Early Years Resources stocks a large selection of sand and water play resources for children and can be used in a home environment, school playgrounds, nurseries or any early years educational setting.

Children's Sand & Water Play Equipment

Sand play and water play develops fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, sensory perception, language development and problem solving skills in children. Our selection of sand and water play equipment includes; tables, trays, sandpits, toys, sand, and storage.

We even have a range of Literacy and Numeracy resources for sand and water play.

Early years sand and water play encompasses every strand of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum, as it enables children to explore and investigate whilst learning through play. Sand and Water play covers personal, social and emotional development which enables children to work independently and cooperate, extend imagination and build confidence. Physical development by developing fine motor skills through pouring, filling, stirring, digging, patting, drawing, pushing, etc. and balance and spatial awareness. Sand play and water play equipment develops knowledge and appreciation of the environment by making physical features such as hills or changing the nature of sand by adding water.

Water play and Sand play resources also introduce children to science, technology, numeracy and literacy. Whether it is sifting sand or pouring water, or experimenting with just how much you need to make a sand or water mill turn, children will improve their hand eye coordination. By joining others in blowing bubbles or making sand castles, they will develop social skills and enhance their knowledge and understanding of the world as they explore why objects sink and float.