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PSHE is a key part the early years and primary school curriculum and provides children with the tools to understand themselves, the people around them, and the wider world. 

In the current climate, PSHE is more important than ever. Educating children and providing them with the appropriate “tools” to navigate their own emotions and feelings as well as those of the people around them is essential. 

With our carefully selected resources, children can learn about the importance of physical and mental wellbeing and gain an understanding about the similarities and differences between them and the individuals who surround them. 

Our resources are designed to teach, engage and inspire children and support them in building effective strategies for managing health, emotions, relationships and so much more. All while building their resilience and nurturing their mental and physical wellbeing. But most importantly, they’re designed to offer children a rich education and equip them with skills for life. From emotions to healthy living, you’ll find plenty of resources covering various topics within the PSHE landscape. 

Discover a selection of our ‘top pick’ PSHE resources tailored to the early years and primary curriculum. Aimed to help you deliver effective lessons, create interactive, engaging activities and promote positive relationships between children and their peers. These handy resources will support your little ones in developing a well-rounded understanding of PSHE. 

Healthy mind, healthy body, happy life! Feeling good about ourselves, both mentally and physically means we can achieve more, day in day out and lead a happy life. Teaching children how to stay healthy and take care of themselves is an important job and there are plenty of ways to do so.

Head to our blog to read all about ways to nurture children’s mental health. Here we cover tips and techniques to comfort children who may be experiencing new emotions such as worry and anxiety, as well as coronavirus conversation starters to offer children support and comfort during these unprecedented times.