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 Discover the Lalaboom educational beads!

Inspired by Montessori and nature, these colourful educational beads are a fantastic resource to encourage children to discover, grow and develop their fine motor skills at their own pace.

Available in a range of different shapes and textures for added sensory appeal.

 A progressive and long-lasting resource that helps to reduce the impact on the environment.

Designed for children from 10 months to 36 months and upwards

10 months: Pop

 At around 10 months, your child will begin to explore by touch thanks to the variety of textures presented with the beads. Whilst exploring they will discover that the beads can be connected with a simple clipping mechanism

 15 months: twist

 When your child is around 15 months, the LaLaBoom beads can be used to improve dexterity. Children will learn that they can open and close the beads using a basic twisting movement

 18 months: mix and match

 At around 18 months, children will begin to mix and match the colours and shapes. One way to improve their learning and test their ability with shapes and colours is to ask them to pair beads together.

 24 months: stack

 At around 24 months your child will be familiar with the various connection options offered by the beads. They can now build their own creations, a crucial phase in development as building encourages them to plan in advance, consider space and carry out ideas.

 36 months: lacing

 Children aged around 36 months and older will now (with adult supervision) be able to lace the beads. Lacing is considered the first step towards learning to write and developing fine motor skills.