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It is not down to luck, a corporate strategy, or a boardroom of heads that have got us to where we are today. It is the organic growth. The growth that started with just one person and their vision to source and provide products that were once so hard to find. Fast forward nearly 30 years and that one-man band has turned into multiple departments, 

all working to preserve that original vision. Of course, as time has moved on so have we. Immersing ourselves in our industry and being the first educational resources and supplies company to have in-house teachers has elevated our outputs, our sourcing of products and our development. As our audience diversified from childminders to nurseries, to school teachers, so did our two sides of A4 catalogue, which in less than ten years turned into 52 pages with 500 products. This meant having to increase our warehouse capacity

M&S Mercantile - Early Years Resources

By 2004, we changed our trading name and Early Years Resources was officially born. This also threw EYR into the digital age, with us launching our first website in 2007. The success continued and allowed for us to move to larger premises to cope with our increasing demand. It was only one year later that we had begun creating and designing our famous free downloadable resources, expanding us into the world of KS1.

Introducing our own developed range

All of this collated information consisting of data, connections within the industry and client communication enabled us to design and develop our first in-house product in 2012. Our Water Way Towers remain a best seller today and have been purchased by customers all over the world. This product has paved the way for so many more unique products and resources that Early Years Resources is patent to such as, our furniture ranges, books and our various Tuff Trays accessories.

By 2015, we had naturally included KS2, expanding our range of catalogues and launching our EYR interactive hub. We have continued to strengthen our brand, products and resources ever since. Along with our ever expanding audiences made up of individuals and large organisations.

Going from strength to strength

However, keeping a business afloat for nearly 30 years has not been plain sailing. Surviving the effects of the pandemic has not been easy for anyone and has induced anxiety into all, forcing us into fight or flight mode.

Our data tells us we adopted fight mode. By listening to our community and gathering insights we have not only survived the fight but flourished.

In 2020, our spike in hygiene products and art and craft supplies translated that we were contributing to a wider effort. Speaking internally, our office was and warehouse became COVID19 secure within a matter of weeks and our marketing department has tripled in size which is reflected in our growing online presence.

The present day

As we approach our 30th year in the industry, our birthday, gives us time to reflect on our milestones and achievements that have contributed towards our longevity. Not to mention the socio-economic changes, hardships incurred and how we have continued to survive and thrive regardless