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Handmade Christmas Gifts Kids Can Make

With Christmas just around the corner and the festivities sparking the little ones excitement, children become eager to give presents to their family and friends – so why not let them get creative and create their own unique Christmas gifts in your classroom, early years setting or home!

Homemade Christmas gifts are much more personal, so we have provided you with a fun crafts selection of easy-to-make gift ideas for children to make for their parents, grandparents, friends or even teachers this Christmas.

8 DIY Christmas Gift Ideas:

  1. Photo Frames – The best photo gifts are the ones that are personalised! Let your little superstars make their own sparkly star-shaped photo frames with our Little Star Frames pack or fun Reindeer Frame guide and place pictures of themselves in the frames for their parents and grandparents.
  2. Christmas Tree Decorations – Children love to see their own ornaments hanging proudly on the Christmas tree, so let them decorate their own personal Christmas tree ornaments to give to their parents this year. Our Glass & Wooden Christmas Decoration Crafts Packs provide you with the fundamentals – so that all the little ones need to do is decorate them how they wish!
  3. Jigsaws – A fun twist on jigsaw puzzles! Create personalised jigsaws with our Papier Mache Jigsaw Kit. Simply let the little ones paint, colour and decorate the blank jigsaw – ready for their parents to solve on Christmas Day.
  4. Dreamcatchers – Create beautiful dreamcatcher gifts with our Dreamcatcher Kit. Let the kids decorate the cardboard hoops with markers, paint or crayons, before threading string through the pre-punched holes. Don't forget to add feathers and beads for a bright dynamic look!
  5. Plant Pots – Design your own unique plant pot to brighten up any home! Our Papier-Mache Collage Plant Pots are ideal for the kids to decorate with paint, gems and glitter thanks to its smooth surface – and you can simply slip it into a plastic bag to make them leak-proof.
  6. Coasters – Parents will love these wonderful handmade coaster gifts to place their cuppa on! Our Mosaic Coaster Pack contains materials to make 24 coasters, including mosaic tiles templates, grout and simple instructions.
  7. Egg Cups – What better way to eat your egg than in a personalised egg cup! Let the little ones paint and decorate our Wooden Egg Cups pack however they wish – a great gift idea for the foodies!
  8. Flowers – The perfect gift for hayfever sufferers! Let the little ones create a beautiful bunch of handmade flowers with coloured tissue paper to give to their families on Christmas Day. Follow our simple step-by-step Crafts Guide.

Christmas Gift Craft Packs

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