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Resources to Keep Hands and Minds Busy

EYR was first established as a Primary and Preschool resources supplier in 1992. Since then, we have developed our product range to include over 10,000 resources. During the last couple of years here has been an increase in demand for products designed for the Early Years, for the Care Home sector. 

To facilitate this growing demand, we have created EYR Care Homes;  a range of our resources suitable for Care Homes and their residents. 

Our hand selected Care Home range includes products from Art and Craft, Sensory, Physical Activity and more.


Art and Craft activities are fantastic for engaging your residents, inspiring their creativity and encouraging fine motor movement.

They are also often relaxing activities, helping residents to feel calmer.


Activities revolving around sensory objects are good for keeping both hands and minds busy.

They are also proven to help calm, comfort and de-stress.

Keeping residents minds active can be a challenge, which is why resources to help improve the mind can be so important.

Engaging in games, solving puzzles, and challenging memories can all help increase resident's confidence.

A bit of exercise can go a long way in improving mood, building confidence and feeling healthier.

It is also a great way to encourage social interaction between residents.


 Our range of carpets, cushions and outdoor furniture are made from familiar fabrics and comforting colours.

Introducing a small, but bold change to your environment can help improve moods and increase social interaction.


Find all of your essential stationery resources including paper, folders, files, pens and more.