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Summer is finally here, and it's been a long time coming!

While you spend the next few weeks recuperating mentally and physically after a challenging past few months, we're already looking ahead to the new school year.
Our team of experts have hand-picked some must-have resources to Bookmark for September, for when you're ready to face the new term head on!
Literacy, Wellbeing, Furniture, Numeracy, Tuff Trays and more. Take a look at some of our favourite products below and bookmark them for September:

 The impact of lockdown may have had a positive or negative effect on children's literacy development, depending on a variety of factors. For some children it may have provided the time and practice with with their parents for them to have come on leaps and bounds, whereas for others the lack of guidance from their teachers may have begun a slippery slope. 

The resources below are appropriate for a range of levels, and can be adapted to suit different stages of development. In particular the story sets and story sacks are an ideal and engaging way of assessing where children have progressed or digressed to.

Shop our full range of Literacy resources here.

Similarly to Literacy, lockdown may have had a positive or negative impact on children's Numeracy skills, and much of the teaching when schools return in September will revolve around assessing just where children are in their development.

The resources below will help children to familiarise themselves with the basics while assessing where they are in terms of their Numeracy skills.

You can also view our full range of Numeracy resources here

For a lot of children returning to school in September, it will be the first time since March that they have seen a classroom and interacted with so many people.

For many of them, this will be a bit of a shock to the system, and this can cause lots of anxiety, especially when combined with pressures of learning development and fears of distancing and hygiene instilled in them within the past few months. 

This is why wellbeing resources will play such a crucial role in September. It will be of utmost importance to check in with children and ensure they are happy both mentally and physically, and managing any anxieties they may have.

You can view our full range of PSHE resources here

With constantly changing government guidelines about distancing and hygiene, it's best to be as prepared as possible for your school return in September.

Take a look at our most popular Hygiene and Distancing resources below or view the full range here.

Being active and outside as much as possible has never been more popular. Fresh air, open space, and fun! What's not to love? 

Take a look at our favourite resources for PE activities or view the full range here.

Tuff Trays are always a great way to combine learning and play, and are especially useful when your classroom needs to be versatile enough to keep children distanced.

Tuff Tray resources including the Mini Tuff Tray and our comprehensive Tuff Tray Kits are ideal for the new start in September, and are definitely one to bookmark for the future.

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