Autumn squirrels crafts 18/09/2019
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How To Make Autumn Squirrels – Crafts

Create an Autumn squirrel As autumn arrives, squirrels are busy collecting food supplies for the coming winter. Make your own autumn squirrels using the templates provided. Art materials you will need: Egg carton Coloured felt – orange, grey and brown glue Scissors Paints paintbrush googly eyes How to make an Autumn squirrel: Cut a section of egg carton and paint it with your chosen coloured paint for example, grey. Cut a face and tail from grey felt, and glue them on. Add a light brown nose and googly eyes. Repeat... Read More

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Make your Own Pine Cone Animals [VIDEO]

The children will love making their very own adorable pine cone animals this Autumn! Follow our simple step-by-step guide below to create a wonderful woodland scene – brimming with all your favourite woodland pine cone animals. How To Make Pine Cone Animals: Art materials you will need: Scissors Felt (orange, white and black felt works great for your fox) PVA Glue Wiggly Eyes Pine Cone How to make autumnal pine cone animals: Choose your favourite woodland creature (fox, owl, hedgehog, bear, deer, moose, raccoon…) Using a pair of sharp scissors... Read More