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Top 10 Sand & Water Play Activities

Bring the seaside to you with our top 10 sensational sand and water play activity ideas! There’s no better time to get outside and enjoy some superb sand and water play than when the sun is shining down in the summer! Children naturally love to explore and investigate – and sand and water play is a great way of inspiring the children’s curiosity and keeping them engaged. Not only does sand and water play provide children with endless hours of digging and splashing fun, but it also enhances the children’s learning... Read More


How Children Learn through Sand & Water Play

What is Sand & Water Play? Sand and water are the most basic of raw materials and children can use them without being constrained by the ‘right’ way to play with either of them. They promote curiosity, imagination and experimentation. Both sand and water are completely open ended; the child is able to determine the direction and level of their own play. And, most importantly, sand and water play is fun! Sand play has always held intrigue for children and adults too! They can dig, sift, build, pour, feel, smell... Read More