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15 Ways to Use Tyres in Outdoor Play

Tyres are a fantastically versatile and upcycled resource that can be used in a variety of different ways. Naturally weatherproof and tough, they are a great option to use outdoors with your little ones. In this blog, we provide 15 ways to incorporate them into your outdoor learning and play. From the simple to the slightly more obscure – there is guaranteed to be an activity for you to try out. Make sure to check our safety tips to ensure your little one’s are always safe when playing with tyres.... Read More

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How to make a minibeast hotel

What is a minibeast? A minibeast, creepy crawlies, insects and bugs are quite literally a small animal. They are defined as “invertebrates” which means that they don’t have a skeleton inside their body. This often means they have other forms of protection such as shells or hard coverings called “exoskeletons”. Some of the more commonly known types of minibeast are spiders, bees, butterflies, snails, worms, centipedes and caterpillars but there are actually around 25’000 different types of minibeast living in the UK! How do minibeasts help the environment? Although they... Read More

outdoor playground benefits 28/06/2018

Making the most of your Outdoor Playground

Are you making the most of your school’s playground area? With the continuing rise of technology, it is even more important to balance indoor play with outdoor play. Nowadays, children are spending one quarter as long playing outside as their parents did just one generation ago! Outdoor Play Outdoor play introduces children to a new learning environment and increases exercise. With growing childhood obesity rates, inspiring children to enjoy time outdoors is to be encouraged. Results from a study, showed that despite having playgrounds, not all schools make the most... Read More

G Mex 2012 TES Resources Show 16/04/2012

EYR at TES Resources Show this Week

This week we’re all very busy preparing for the TES Resources Show North to be held on Friday 20th and Saturday 21st April in Manchester Central (still known to many as ‘G Mex’). This is a great opportunity not only to meet our local customers but also to get feedback on some of our new, own developed products (such as our Weaving Frames, Fruit Puzzles, Vegetable Puzzles, Waterway Towers, Outdoor Posters, Toys from the Past Pack) that will be displayed on our stand. Mrs M has been practising denmaking over... Read More


A Problem Solved for Children & Teachers On the Go!

A few weeks ago, when I was wearing my other ‘hat’ as a classroom teacher, a parent stopped me to ask where she could get a workbelt from. She explained her son had been wearing one in school and wanted one for home so he could keep all his ‘things’ in it. He had been given a workbelt when I tested them in school a few months earlier. Children’s Workbelts are now included the Young Explorers range in our Outdoor Section. They have been designed to hold writing equipment (pencils, crayons,... Read More