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How to make a minibeast hotel

What is a minibeast? A minibeast, creepy crawlies, insects and bugs are quite literally a small animal. They are defined as “invertebrates” which means that they don’t have a skeleton inside their body. This often means they have other forms of protection such as shells or hard coverings called “exoskeletons”. Some of the more commonly known types of minibeast are spiders, bees, butterflies, snails, worms, centipedes and caterpillars but there are actually around 25’000 different types of minibeast living in the UK! How do minibeasts help the environment? Although they... Read More

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Make Your Own Spring Creatures [VIDEO]

It’s nearly time for some sensational spring displays and creative craft activities! Our easy-to-do Spring Creatures craft activity is perfect for children, whether in nurseries, schools or even at home, and will be a great addition to any displays 🐞 Learn how to make these simple Spring Creatures by watching our video tutorial or following the steps below. Art Materials You Will Need: Coloured Paper Glue Scissors Wiggly Eyes (optional) Step 1: Cut several strips of paper to create the body. Step 2: Draw Around something circular to create the... Read More

bee bottles summer crafts 05/08/2019
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Bottle Bees – Summer Crafts

How To Make A Bottle Bee Get crafty this summer and create your own bottle bee, whilst helping children understand the important job bees play in our planet. An ideal arts and crafts idea for children aged 5-7 years old. Art materials you will need:  Yogurt drink bottle  Yellow paint  Medium paint brush  Black fluffy pipe cleaners  Gold pipe cleaner  Medium sized wiggly eyes  Two pony beads  Clear plastic stationery folder  Glitter glue  Black marker pen  Pink felt tip  Yellow card  Pencil  Scissors  Strong glue To make a Bottle Bee,... Read More

insect week activities 15/06/2018

National Insect Week Activities & Ideas

Encourage the children to celebrate all things creepy crawly this National Insect Week and learn more about the most diverse group of animals with our exciting range of hands-on insect activity ideas – perfect for your primary school, nursery or early years setting! Top 10 National Insect Week Ideas & Activities Create a Miniature Minibeast Scene Build your own magical miniature world of creepy crawlies! Inspire the little ones imaginations by using our mesmerising In The Garden Tuff Tray Mat as your tuff spot base – then add an array... Read More

Lolly Butterfly crafts 15/03/2017

Lovely Lolly Butterfly – Crafts

A lovely crafts idea – perfect for valentine’s day or mother’s day. Any mother would love to get this cute butterfly on Mother’s Day and the kids will love making it! All you need is the following: Red Card Thin card for Template Patterned Paper Scissors Glue Stick Pencil Lollipop Sparkly Pipe Cleaner Googly Eyes Black Marker Pen Sticky Tape How to make a Lolly Butterfly: Cut out two hearts onto red card. Using a pencil, draw a smaller heart onto a piece of thin card and cut out. Use... Read More

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Giant Butterfly Crafts

Bring the room to life with this beautiful easy-to-make DIY Giant Butterfly! Using just a few simple materials, children can decorate their butterfly however they please with endless textures. An easy and fun crafts idea for children in your setting! What you will need: Gold or White Paper Plates 2 Pipe Cleaners2 Small BeadsSelf Adhesive Plastic JewelsFoam StickersSticky TapeScissorsPencil How to make it: Take the paper plate and a pair of scissors. Cut out two triangles from the paper plate to make the butterfly wings. If using a white paper plate, feel... Read More