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outdoor mark making kit 31/12/2018

Outdoor Mark Making Kit – Product Review

This review has been written by early years consultant, Anne Rodgers, from ATR Consultancy. Outdoor Mark Making Kit Review The Outdoor Mark Making Kit arrived in a large plastic box with a lid which was ideal for storing the equipment and easily storing after use. The contents of the kit included spray bottles, texture printers, large brushes and a pack of smaller brushes, patterned rollers, some squeezy bottles and some small droppers. This set is perfect for doing painting activities on a large scale outdoors or inside and would have... Read More

messy play benefits 31/10/2018

The Benefits of Messy Play

This article has been written by Holly at Little Learners Southport Why messy play is brilliant for babies, toddlers, pre-schoolers … and parents! One of the many brilliant benefits of messy play for both parents and practitioners is that messy play is very much child led. At Little Learners, we might set up the trays for them, but then it is totally up to the children how they play and explore. This takes some pressure off us, but it also allows them to develop their imagination and gives us an insight... Read More


The Importance of Mark Making for Early Years

“Scribbles are products of a systematic investigation, rather than haphazard actions”  – John Matthews Encourage children to make their mark! Young children have a natural desire to explore and experiment. They relish in the sensory and physical experience of mark making – enjoying the sensation of marker pens gliding across a whiteboard, paint smearing onto an easel, chalk scraping into the tarmac and grains of sand running through their fingers. Mark making is much more than just a scribble! Babies and toddlers learn and begin to make sense of the... Read More


The Importance of Handwriting and Mark Making

In a world where technology surrounds us more and more, the temptation to text and type has never been greater. Just think about the number of devices you have lying around your home; tablets, smartphones and computers have quickly become everyday gadgets. The rise of emails, text messages and social media updates have all taken over as our main methods of communication, and unfortunately, the act of writing with a pen is becoming a lost art – when was the last time you wrote a letter or a thank you... Read More