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The Power of Playfoam

“What is that – it looks amazing?” “Wow – it feels really sticky but my hands don’t get sticky at all.” “Look at my tree – you can make all sorts of shapes with this.” These are some of the reactions I have had from children when using Playfoam with them. They are right too – it really is an amazing product. I have been using Playfoam at school for over a year now – ever since my daughter was given some as a present. It has so many creative... Read More

EYR logo 31/01/2012

Toy Show Treasure Hunt

We all managed to get back from the London Toy Fair in one piece (well almost, there was the shocking / embarassing / hilarious incident when our colleague, Mrs M became trapped in the ticket barrier at Euston for rather a long time, holding up hundreds of rush hour travellers). The toy fair was much as expected – lovely, truly educational products hidden in the avalanche of commercial hype. We found some beautiful wooden items to extend our role play and miniature world ranges and bright, attractive hand puppets and... Read More