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Celebrating Father’s day with Early Years

Traditional awareness days such as Father’s day can often present issues for carers and early years practitioners. As we know, all families are unique, and sometimes communicating this to children in a way that makes them feel included can be difficult. Using the day as a way of celebrating all different carers can help to make all children feel represented and show their carers how much they love them. In a recent survey, 81% of parents and early years practitioners indicated that when trying to support inclusivity on days such... Read More

Father's Day 15/06/2020

Father’s Day Medals Gift – Crafts

“A good father is a source of inspiration” Dr. T.P.Chia Father’s Day is approaching fast! Give the ultimate homemade personal gift this year with these Father’s Day Medals. Suitable for all ages. Read the simple instructions below to get started: Art materials you will need: Thick card A pencil Pipe cleaners Glue and brush Tissue paper Ribbon Scissors A ruler Sticky tape Gold paint Sponge pieces Stickers or decorations Instructions for your Father’s Day Medals: Step 1: Draw around a bowl or plate onto thick card to make a circle... Read More


No. 1 Dad Rosette Father’s Day Card – Crafts

Make your dad feel like a champion this Father’s Day with a rosette card! You will need the following: A white or coloured paper plate Paints and paintbrushes Coloured paper Patterned paper Decorative shapes eg. glitter stars A glue stick Sticky tape Pencil and felt tips A circular object to draw around Scissors To make the rosette: For the base of the rosette, you can either use a coloured paper plate or paint a plain white one any colour of your choice. Why not use your dad’s favourite colour! On... Read More


King Dad Crown – Father’s Day Crafts

Make your dad feel like a King for the day with this specially crafted Father’s Day crown. For the crown you will need: Gold or silver card Foam letters Colourful jewels  A stapler Scissors Glue A tape measure Follow these simple steps: Measure the circumference of the adult’s head with a tape measure. Add 4cm and note down the final figure. Next, cut out a band of gold or silver card. It should be 12cm wide and as long as the figure you noted down earlier. Take the band of... Read More


Gold Medal Father’s Card

Help the children make Dad feel like a winner this Father’s Day with this easy to make medallion card. All you need is the following: A4 White CardRibbonGold CardFelt PensStar Stickers or SequinsScissorsHole Punch To make a Father’s Day Medal Card Fold the A4 white card in half to make an A5 vertical card. Then cut a 20cm length from the striped ribbon. Cut a circle from the gold card and use the hole punch to make a hole for the ribbon to go through towards the edge of the medal. Write ‘Dad’, ‘Star’,... Read More


Father’s Day Tie Gift – Crafts

The young ones can let their creativity run wild with this simple step-by-step guide to making a tie for their dad this Father’s Day. All you need is the following: Sheets of Coloured CardPaintsPaper PlatesVariety of painting objectsLength of cord or RibbonPencilScissorsSellotape To make a Father’s Day Tie Cut out the shape of a tie from a sheet of coloured card, use the image show above as a guideline. Put a selection of paints on paper plates for the children to chose from, along with a variety of painting objects – we used... Read More


Simple I Love You This Much Father’s Day Card – Crafts

Many may think that Father’s day is a recent invention however a day to celebrate fathers is over 100 years old! The organiser of the first Father’s Day was not a father – or even a man – but an American woman named Grace Golden Clayton. In 1907, Clayton was deeply moved by newspaper reports about a mining disaster which had left 1,000 children in the state fatherless, so she organised an event at her church to celebrate fatherhood. Although this event was a one-off, 3 years later the idea... Read More

sporty fathers day cards 10/06/2014

Sporty Father’s Day Cards – Crafts

Send some colourful greetings to dad on Father’s Day with these sporty cards. These cards can be easily adapted to match your Dad’s interest. To create the Father’s Day Rosette card you need:- A4 sheet of blue card Length of orange crepe paper 30cm x 6cm Scraps of gold & white paper Stapler & glue stick Double-sided sticky tape Photograph Instructions Fold the A4 sheet of blue card in half to make a vertical greetings card. Take your length of orange crepe paper and concertina fold it, making each fold... Read More

lolly sticks photoframe 10/06/2014

Lolly Sticks Photoframe – Father’s Day Craft

Surprise Dad this Father’s Day with this simple and easy to follow Lolly Sticks Photo-frame. To create this brilliant craft idea you will need:- Plain wooden lolly sticks Paints in a variety of colours Paintbrushes Strong glue Photos of the children Double-sided tape Instructions Ask the children to make a shape with some lolly sticks (a square or triangle are easiest – a bigger shape will need a larger picture!). Fix the sticks together using strong glue and leave to dry. The children can then paint the frames in whatever... Read More

Dad Suncatcher – Father’s Day Crafts 10/06/2014

Dad Suncatcher – Father’s Day Crafts

Say thank you to dads everywhere on this Father’s Day by giving them this easy to create Dad Suncatcher. To create this Dad Suncather you need the following: Large sheet of black card Coloured tissue paper Clear sticky-backed plastic Craft knife & cutting mat (adult use only!) Hole punch Ribbon Pencil Ruler Scissors Place the sheet of black card on the cutting mat and trim down the sheet to measure 34cm x 25cm. Take the trimmed black sheet and using a pencil and ruler, mark a 4cm border on all... Read More