importance of stories for eal 27/09/2018

The Importance of Stories for Children with EAL

Why are stories so important for those with EAL? Stories are one of the things that make us human. We can all relate to a story because we are hardwired to learn that way, which is why they are one of the most versatile and powerful tools we have when we want to help children learn. Now picture the scene… You are in a strange country that you’ve never been to before and no-one there speaks a word of English and you can’t speak their language… How do you feel?... Read More

how to engage children with eal through stories 10/09/2018

How To Use Stories To Engage Children With EAL

This article has been written by storytelling specialists, Tonya and Natasha, from Little Creative Days  Are you looking for new ways to engage those with EAL? Stories are used in cultures all over the world and there are many versions of some of the most well-known stories.  I think we’ve found 14 different versions of Cinderella and there are probably more! So, using traditional tales and stories in your school or setting can be an ideal way of engaging children with EAL as its likely that they will be familiar... Read More