Celebrate Divali, the festival of light with these Diya Lamps

Perfect for Divali, the festival of light, these Diya lamps are a great easy to make decorative craft idea. All you need is the following equipment: Polystyrene cups Tissue paper in bright colours PVA glue Brushes Glitter Scissors To make a Diya Lamp If your children are able to use scissors, get them to cut up squares of colourful tissue paper approx. 2cmx2cm. If not, you can just tear the tissue paper into small pieces. Stick the pieces all over the outside of the cup using PVA glue and leave... Read More


Make some Mehndi handprints for Divali

This is a great craft idea to get the children ready to celebrate the festival of Divali. Simple to do, all you need is: White card Brightly coloured paints Paper plates Brushes Thin, black felt-tip pens Scissors Making your Mehndi Handprints Pour different coloured paints onto paper plates, take a sheet of white card and let the children make clear handprints by either pressing their hands in the plates of paint or get them to paint their hands with a paintbrush. When the paint is dry, cut out around the... Read More


Time to prepare for the upcoming October celebrations!

Time to prepare for the upcoming October celebrations! As we step into October, we get ready to celebrate two big festivals at the end of the month. Divali, the Hindu ‘Festival of Lights’, on Sunday the 30th of October and the most anticipated fancy dress day of the year, Halloween on Monday the 31st. But fear not, Early Years Resources are here to supply you with all your needs!   We’re stocked up with a range of craft kits, activity packs and decorative items for children to get stuck into.... Read More

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Celebrations and Festivals of Light – Diwali and Hanukkah

Understanding different celebrations and festivals provides children with important knowledge and understanding of other cultures. In many faiths, light is seen as a symbol of hope, with good triumphing over evil and light over darkness. Diwali What is Diwali? Diwali is the Hindu Festival of Lights and celebrates the Hindu New Year. It is celebrated by Hindus and Sikhs all over the world. Diwali translates as, row of lighted lamps, from the Sanskrit, dipavali (dip meaning light, and avali a row or line). Diwali or Festival of Lights, is held in honour... Read More


How to make a simple Diva Lamp

To make this simple Diva lamp you will need the following: Air drying clay Paint and paint brushes Glitter Tealight candle Making your Diva Lamps 1. Give each child a ball of clay. Ask them to soften the clay by rolling, squashing and squeezing it. 2. Ask them to make it back into a ball shape and then squash it flatter (but still keep the clay quite thick). 3. Let them shape the lamp by gently pinching the clay up at the edges to make the sides and pressing down... Read More