summer crafts 22/06/2020

Fruity Fans – Summer Crafts

These Fruity Fans are the perfect way to cool down this summer! Suitable for ages 5-7. Read the simple instructions below and get started on your Fruity Fans! Art materials you will need: A4 dark orange card A4 yellow card Scraps of mid orange paper Orange button Wooden spoon or sticks Red arrange poster paint Scissors Ruler Glue stick Gel glue Pencil Paintbrush Instructions to make Fruity Fans: Step 1: Firstly, paint the wooden spoon using red poster paint and leave to dry, it may need two coats to get... Read More

creating a memory box with children 19/05/2020
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How To Build A Memory Box with Children

Written by Kirsty Prankerd, Managing Director at keepsake and gifting brand Write From The Heart. In this article, she shares her tips for creating an educational memory box that your children will love to look back on in years to come. With the UK under lockdown and most schools and nurseries closed, we’re all spending a lot more time at home. As a result, it can be tough to keep thinking of new ways to keep the kids busy — and even trickier to make sure they’re still learning and... Read More


Make Your Own Galaxy Painting [VIDEO]

What could be better than making your own super space painting with the children! We have everything you need to do this fun activity and decorate your classroom, setting or home. Simply follow our easy step-by-step crafts guide below or watch our video tutorial and get creative with the children. How to Make Your Own Galaxy Painting Art Materials You Will Need: Medium Weight Black Card Junior Paint Spritzers Pearlescent Paint Assortment Glitter Paint Assortment Coloured Chubby Chalk Paint Sticks [optional] Step 1: choose your colours, we stuck to the space... Read More

Diwali Lantern crafts guide 23/09/2019

How To Make Diwali Lanterns – Crafts

Create your own Diwali lantern this festive season! Brighten up your classroom or home with this Diwali Lantern, the perfect arts and craft for the festival of lights. Art materials you will need: A 2 Litre plastic bottle cardboard bowels scissors ruler PVA glue glue brush tissue paper sequins and gems ribbon LED tea light How to make a lantern: Carefully cut away an 8cm section from the middle of a 2 litre plastic bottle, leaving the top and bottom pieces aside to make the lantern. Ask an adult to... Read More

create a fun harvest card 30/08/2019

How To Make Harvest Cards

Celebrate the harvest festival this year with this fun, creative activity – using arts and crafts from your cupboards! You will need: sheet of black card thicker coloured card dried lentils, beans, split peas etc… PVA glue paintbrush How to make a harvest card: Fold a sheet of black card in half to create a greetings card. Next, take a different coloured card and cut into a rectangle smaller than the front of the card ensuring there is space for a border. Pick out your chosen lentils and other various... Read More

Create an outdoor woodland scene using walnuts to make mice, owls and mushrooms 30/08/2019

How To Make Woodland Creatures with Walnuts

Celebrate the onset of Autumn with this fun activity. A leisurely walk with children always offers great opportunities to create and take inspiration from the world around us. You will need: walnut shell halves white modelling clay garlic press paints small paintbrush glue cocktail stick How to make the mice: Take a small amount of white modelling clay and roll into 2 balls for ears, squeeze them into a point and flatten. Stick the ears to the walnut shell. To make the nose, roll a small ball of clay and... Read More

Halloween Window suncatcher crafts 19/10/2018

Spooky Suncatchers – Halloween Crafts

How To Make A Halloween Window Decorate your windows with these Un-BOO-lievable Halloween suncatcher pictures and create a spooky atmosphere in your classroom, setting or home! Ideal for children ages 5-7 years old. Materials you will need: Glue Stick Scissors Black Card Tissue Paper Pale Pencil To make a Halloween Window, follow these simple instructions: Cut some strips of black card, roughly 3-4cm wide. (Don’t worry about making them straight, as wobbly edges look more interesting!) Glue 4 strips together to make a frame shape, then trim off any overhanging ends... Read More

Spiders Webs halloween crafts 19/10/2018

Spooky Spiders Webs – Halloween Crafts

How To Make Spooky Spiders Webs for Halloween Let the children practice their weaving skills and create their own colourful spooktacular spiderwebs this Halloween. Materials you will need: Lolly Sticks Black Paint Medium Paintbrush Black Wool Coloured Wool Medium Black Pom-Pom Small Wiggly Eyes Glue Scissors To make the spiderweb, follow these simple instructions: Clean and dry 3 lolly sticks. Paint the sticks black and leave to dry. Glue the sticks together to make a star shape. Take a ball of wool and glue one end to the inside of... Read More

Suncatcher autumn crafts 27/09/2018

DIY Suncatcher – Autumn Crafts

How To Make Autumnal Suncatchers Hello sunshine! Now that the colourful Autumn leaves are falling, it’s the perfect time to encourage the children to make their own beautiful suncatchers using the leaves they find – ideal for those sunny autumn days and a great way to welcome the season. Materials you will need: Paper plate Crayons Paints Clear sticky-backed plastic Leaves Wool Scissors Hole punch To make your own autumn suncatcher, follow these simple instructions: Decorate the rim of a paper plate with paints or crayons. (Different coloured fingerprints would also look good).... Read More

Leaf prints autumn crafts 27/09/2018

Leaf Prints – Autumn Crafts

How To Make Leaf Prints What better way to celebrate the colourful Autumn season than with some colourful leaf crafts! This simple, yet fun, idea is a great activity for the children in your setting. Materials you will need: Thin white paper Wax crayons Black card Scissors Glue Leaves To make your own leaf prints, follow these simple instructions: Arrange the leaves on a flat surface, bottom side facing up. Place a sheet of white paper over the top. Use a wax crayon to gently rub over the top of... Read More