summer crafts 22/06/2020

Fruity Fans – Summer Crafts

These Fruity Fans are the perfect way to cool down this summer! Suitable for ages 5-7. Read the simple instructions below and get started on your Fruity Fans! Art materials you will need: A4 dark orange card A4 yellow card Scraps of mid orange paper Orange button Wooden spoon or sticks Red arrange poster paint Scissors Ruler Glue stick Gel glue Pencil Paintbrush Instructions to make Fruity Fans: Step 1: Firstly, paint the wooden spoon using red poster paint and leave to dry, it may need two coats to get... Read More

creating a memory box with children 19/05/2020
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How To Build A Memory Box with Children

Written by Kirsty Prankerd, Managing Director at keepsake and gifting brand Write From The Heart. In this article, she shares her tips for creating an educational memory box that your children will love to look back on in years to come. With the UK under lockdown and most schools and nurseries closed, we’re all spending a lot more time at home. As a result, it can be tough to keep thinking of new ways to keep the kids busy — and even trickier to make sure they’re still learning and... Read More


Floating Boats – Summer Crafts

Create some outdoor fun this summer with these creative DIY floating boats! You will need: Corks Pipe cleaners 2 elastic bands Sticky tape Wrapping or patterned paper String Scissors Follow these 5 simple steps to create your boat. Start by lining up the three corks and then secure them with 2 elastic bands. Next, make the mast from 14cm of pipe cleaner folded in half. Create a sail by cutting a right angled triangle from wrapping or patterned paper and tape it to the pipe cleaner mast. Then, secure the... Read More


Make Your Own Bubble Wands

Take blowing bubbles to the next level as you let the children get creative and design their own bubble wands. All you need is the following: Pipe Cleaners Cutters (Optional) Beads Bubble Liquid To make a Bubble Wand Choose you pipe cleaner colour and bend it into any shape you want. Then twist the two pieces together to form a handle. For more complicated shapes you can mould a pipe cleaner around a biscuit cutter. If you like, decorate the handle with beads and twist a loop or a knot in... Read More