childminders summer selection 2019 catalogue 03/07/2019

Childminders Summer Selection 2019 Catalogue – Out Now!

We are extremely excited to announce the launch of our latest Childminders Selection Catalogue! Boasting a range of innovative resources selected for childminders, this year’s summer edition is sure to inspire! We have made it even easier for you to browse and find the right childminding resources that are age appropriate for all of the children in your care. Alongside the essential childminding resources and equipment for summer, we also have an exciting selection of curricular learning resources to support you in delivering those all-important early learning goals for the EYFS.... Read More

childminder catalogue out now 06/03/2019

Childminders Selection 2019 Catalogue – Out Now!

We are extremely proud to announce the launch of our latest Childminders’ Selection 2019 Catalogue! Bursting with new and cutting-edge resources selected for childminders, this year’s spring edition is sure to inspire! Alongside the familiar childminding staples and fun learning products, we have also included an exciting selection of EYFS curricular resources to help you deliver those all-important early learning goals. To get your hands on a FREE copy of our brand new childminder catalogue, simply fill in our online request form today and uncover your special offer inside. Why should... Read More

outdoor childminding setting 26/06/2018

Maximising Your Outdoor Learning Space

This article has been written by OFSTED ‘Outstanding’ Childminders, Chloe Webster & Bridgit Brown, from Pebbles Childcare. As a home-based childcare provision, we are not blessed with significant amounts of space, and similarly, a large sum of money to put into buying a range of outdoor resources that larger settings benefit from. However, we believe and are huge advocates of utilising the space we have and using a diverse range of equipment and resources in order to meet the learning and development needs of the children in our care. We... Read More

childminder play essentials 01/06/2018

Essential Play Resources List for Childminders

Kids love to do what they do best – play! Play engages, excites and entertains children for hours. Don’t underestimate the power of play! Play gives children the opportunity to explore and discover new experiences and make sense of the world around them. Young children are continuously learning through play and developing new skills – whether they are zooming cars down a ramp, digging for dinosaur fossils in sand or building the tallest tower! As a childcare provider, it is important to cover a range of different types of play... Read More


Outdoor Play Essentials List for Childminders

Time to get outside! Do you have a dedicated outdoor space for children in your childcare setting? There is no set way of creating an outdoor childminding area – but it is important to provide plenty of opportunities for children to be outside, with a variety of outdoor resources that will enhance a child’s development and learning in all the key areas. So we have created a list of essential outdoor play supplies for childminders to make sure that you cover all the key development areas! How enhanced is your... Read More

childminders arts crafts essentials 11/04/2018

Art & Craft Essentials List for Childminders

Struggling to keep the children engaged? Keep the kids entertained for longer with fun and messy hands-on art and craft activities in your childminding setting – perfect for those dreary rainy days! Awaken the children’s imagination and inspire their creativity with arts and crafts! It is essential to offer lots of creative and messy play opportunities in your childcare setting, as research has shown that arts and crafts play an important role in enhancing a child’s development and learning – helping to develop their confidence, creativity, imagination, social skills, coordination, motor... Read More

essential childminding equipment checklist 04/04/2018

Essential Childminding Equipment List

New to childminding or thinking about setting up your own childminding business in your home? Make sure you’ve got all the childminding essentials you need to look after young children with our handy essentials checklist for childminders! Safety   It is extremely important to ensure that you have a safe and healthy environment for children with equipment that conforms to the safety standards. Promote safety in your childminding setting and make sure you have the following childcare safety essentials: Baby Monitor Fireguards First Aid Kit – If you wish to improve... Read More

Childminder-selection 2018 catalogue 02/03/2018
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Brand New Childminders’ Selection 2018 | Spring Edition

Childminders’ Selection 2018 Catalogue Out Now! At Early Years Resources, we understand how difficult it can be for childminders to find the right resources at the right price and quality to suit their childminding setting. Therefore, we have carefully hand-picked a great selection of early years resources and equipment which are perfectly suited to childminders! Have you seen our brand new Childminders’ Selection 2018 Catalogue? We are excited to announce the release of our latest Childminders’ Selection 2018 Catalogue – designed especially for Childminders by industry experts. The catalogue is... Read More


5 reasons to request our 2017 Childminders’ Selection Catalogue

This year we have put a lot of thought into our Childminders’ Selection catalogue, so we thought we’d highlight some of the ranges and share why we think they’re perfect for childminders. Our selection has a variety of home comforts, educational toys and games, childminder essentials and of course the ever popular art and crafts we believe should be a part of every childminders’ collection. Below are 5 ranges you will find featured within the 2017 Childminders’ Selection:   Superheroes In general, superheroes are very popular with young children and... Read More


Brand New Childminder Supplies Catalogue Launches May 2016

May 2016 sees the launch of EYR’s fantastic new collection of childminder supplies! We’ve listened to our customers’ suggestions and feedback, and gathered together a range of resources that have been specially selected with childminders in mind. At Early Years Resources, we know when childminders are looking for supplies, factors such as price, quality and speedy delivery all play an important part in the final decision to make a purchase. Because of this, we’ve worked closely with a team of experienced childminding professionals to choose a range of inspiring products,... Read More