Bonfire Night Crafts

fireworks pictures bonfire crafts 09/10/2019

Sparkly Fireworks Picture – Bonfire Night Crafts

Create Sparkly Fireworks Pictures for Bonfire Night Create a dazzling firework picture for bonfire night using glue, glitter and sequins! An ideal arts and crafts project for young children. Simply follow these instructions to make a sparkly firework design this Guy Fawkes night and get creative. Art materials you will need: Card (black) PVA Glue (white) Glitter (various colours) Sequins Paintbrush Newspaper (or splash mat) How to make sparkly fireworks pictures this bonfire night: Cover your work surface with newspaper or a splash mat, and place a sheet of black... Read More

firework crown bonfire crafts 09/10/2019

Make A Firework Crown – Bonfire Night Crafts

Create a Firework Crown for Bonfire Night Get the little ones excited for Bonfire Night and make your very own colourful DIY Firework Crown! An ideal arts and crafts project for children aged 5-7 years old. Simply follow these instructions to make firework crowns this Guy Fawkes night and get creative. Art materials you will need: Coloured Card (in red, orange & yellow) Holographic Card Scissors and Glue Felt Stars or Stick-On Stars Sticky Tape Pencil & Stapler Tape Measure How to make a firework crown this bonfire night: Measure... Read More

shooting stars bonfire crafts 09/10/2019

Make Shooting Stars – Bonfire Night Crafts

Create Red Rockets, Sun Sparklers & Silver Catherine Wheels for Bonfire Night Bring some extra sparkle to Bonfire Night this year with these colourful homemade fireworks crafts. Made from recycled foil dishes and cardboard tubes, these DIY shooting stars are easy and cheap to make, but look as good as the real thing for Bonfire Night! An ideal arts and crafts project for children aged 0-5 years old. Simply follow these instructions to make red rockets, sun sparklers and silver catherine wheels shooting stars this Guy Fawkes night. Art materials... Read More


Get messy with this Handprint Bonfire

The children will love getting their hands messy with this bonfire painting made from handprints.  To make these you will need the following: Large Sheet of Black CardWhite CardBrown Paper or Card – in various shadesRed, Orange and Yellow PaintPaper PlatesPVA Glue/Glue StickScissorsNewspaperPainting Smock To make a Handprint Bonfire Layout sheets of newspaper to protect work surface and place a white card on top ready for hand  printing. Add yellow, orage and red to paper plate. Place palm of hands onto the wet paint to fully coat is. Or paint it on with... Read More

Fireworks crafts 26/10/2016

Fizzling Fireworks Fiesta – Bonfire Night Crafts

Pump up the excitement of fireworks and bonfire night! Get the children to make these colourful and exciting fireworks and bonfire pictures. To make these crafts you will need the following: Sheets of Black CardWhite CardRed, Silver, White and Yellow PaintPaper PlatesPVA Glue/Glue StickPaintbrushesPencilGlitterDrinking StrawsLolly SticksBrass Paper FastenersScissorsPainting Smock To make a Bonfire Picture Give each child a sheet of black card and talk to them about fire, what it does, how it feels and the dangers etc. Put a variety of different coloured paints on the paper plates and encourage the children... Read More


Create this colourful collage in time for Bonfire Night

Get craft with this simple collage. To make these you will need the following: Black CardBrown CardPVA Glue/Glue StickBrushColoured FeltGlitter and SequinsTissue PaperLolly SticksScissorsPainting Smock To make a Bonfire Night Collage Start off by mixing your glitter with PVA glue and paint some starburst shapes onto the black card. Don’t forget to add your sequins before the paint dries! Cut thin, short strips of  brown card and glue them across the middle of the card to make a fence. Cut pointed flames shapes from red, orange and yellow tissue paper. Glue... Read More


Spectacular Firework Fiesta Crafts

To create this Spectacular Firework Fiesta you will need: Nesting tubes or kitchen roll tubes Plain and sparkly pipe cleaners Strips of tin foil Paints & paint brushes Glitter Star stickers Tissue paper Scissors Pencil How to make a firework fiesta: Let each child select a cardboard tube. Cut longer tubes into shorter pieces e.g. we cut a nesting tube into two. Get the children to paint their tube with colours that reminds them of fireworks. While the paint is wet, why not roll the tube in glitter similar to... Read More