Autumn Crafts

Pom Pom Hedgehogs - autumn crafts 06/10/2020

Pom Pom Hedgehogs – Autumn Crafts

These Pom Pom Hedgehogs are a fab arts and crafts activity for autumn time with the kids! It’s easy and simple to make with just a few craft materials required. Suitable for ages 5 to 7 years old. Read the simple how-to instructions below to get started on your Pom Pom Hedgehogs: Art materials you will need: Brown wool Beige and black felt fabric Cereal box card Scissors Glue Instructions for your Pom Pom Hedgehogs: Draw around a ring-shaped template onto card twice and cut them out. Put the two... Read More

Fun Flappy Owls - Autumn Crafts 05/10/2020

Fun Flappy Owls – Autumn Crafts

These Fun Flappy Owls are a great autumn activity for the kids! Suitable for children aged 0 to 5 years. Read the simple instructions below to get started! Art materials you will need: Two paper plates Brown paint Thick paintbrush Two bottle tops Two eye stickers or googly eyes Silver glittery card Scraps of coloured paper Glue stick Strong glue Two paper fasteners Scissors Instructions for your Fun Flappy Owls: Cut a paper plate into an owl shape. With the other paper plate cut out two wings. Paint the owl... Read More

Hedgehog Straw Painting - Autumn Crafts 02/10/2020
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Hedgehog Straw Paintings – Autumn Crafts

These Hedgehog Straw Paintings are a great arts and crafts activity for the kids this autumn, using splattered paints to make the prickly hedgehogs! Read the simple instructions below to get started: Art materials you will need: Thick white paper Coloured paper for backgrounds A paintbrush Paints Paint mixing tray A drinking straw Scissors Glue Glitter card A black felt pen Instructions for your Hedgehog Straw Paintings: Mix some poster paints in a tray for the hedgehog’s bodies. Mix the paint with water so the consistency is fairly runny. Use... Read More

Autumn squirrels crafts 18/09/2019
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How To Make Autumn Squirrels – Crafts

Create an Autumn squirrel As autumn arrives, squirrels are busy collecting food supplies for the coming winter. Make your own autumn squirrels using the templates provided. Art materials you will need: Egg carton Coloured felt – orange, grey and brown glue Scissors Paints paintbrush googly eyes How to make an Autumn squirrel: Cut a section of egg carton and paint it with your chosen coloured paint for example, grey. Cut a face and tail from grey felt, and glue them on. Add a light brown nose and googly eyes. Repeat... Read More

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Make your Own Pine Cone Animals [VIDEO]

The children will love making their very own adorable pine cone animals this Autumn! Follow our simple step-by-step guide below to create a wonderful woodland scene – brimming with all your favourite woodland pine cone animals. How To Make Pine Cone Animals: Art materials you will need: Scissors Felt (orange, white and black felt works great for your fox) PVA Glue Wiggly Eyes Pine Cone How to make autumnal pine cone animals: Choose your favourite woodland creature (fox, owl, hedgehog, bear, deer, moose, raccoon…) Using a pair of sharp scissors... Read More

Make a magic wood autumn crafts 30/08/2019

Make A Magic Wood – Autumn Crafts

How to create a magical woodland setting Model your own clay fairy folk in a wicked woodland setting, adding spellbinding secret doors and tiny toadstools to create the perfect enchanting environment. An ideal arts and crafts project for children aged 7 – 11. Art materials you will need: Modelling clay Modelling clay boards Small rolling pin scissors modelling tool mini cutters cocktail sticks and a straw Wet wipes How to make a door: Cut a rectangle from some brown play dough and flatten it. Using the tools, cut and shape... Read More

Create an outdoor woodland scene using walnuts to make mice, owls and mushrooms 30/08/2019

How To Make Woodland Creatures with Walnuts

Celebrate the onset of Autumn with this fun activity. A leisurely walk with children always offers great opportunities to create and take inspiration from the world around us. You will need: walnut shell halves white modelling clay garlic press paints small paintbrush glue cocktail stick How to make the mice: Take a small amount of white modelling clay and roll into 2 balls for ears, squeeze them into a point and flatten. Stick the ears to the walnut shell. To make the nose, roll a small ball of clay and... Read More

Create an Autumnal card 30/08/2019

How To Make Autumnal Woodland Wishes Cards

Say hello to our woodland friends this Autumn and make these delightful cards using up your scraps of card and felt along the way! Art materials you will need: coloured card coloured felts patterned paper, ribbons and offcuts white fabric paint googly eyes scissors glue How to make a wise owl card: Take a sheet of light brown card measuring approx. 24cm x 17cm and fold in half to make a vertical card. On to a piece of paper draw an owl’s body, feet, wings and eyes using the image... Read More

leaf bowls autumn crafts 30/08/2019

Leaf Bowls – Autumn Crafts

How To Make Leaf Bowls With the colourful Autumn leaves falling, it’s the perfect time to make these beautiful DIY Leaf Bowls to decorate your setting or give as an autumnal gift. A great crafts activity for children aged 5-7 years old. Art materials you will need: Fimo Air Basic white clay Paint Leaf Modelling knife Rolling pin PVA glue Small Bow To make a leaf bowl, follow these simple instructions: Roll the clay to 0.5cm in thickness. Lay a clean leaf onto the clay and press down. Cut around... Read More

colour sorting trees autumn crafts 30/08/2019

Colour Sorting Trees Game – Autumn Crafts

How To Make Colour Sorting Trees Fun in the fall! Enhance the children’s mathematical skills with Colour Sorting Trees – a fun and engaging sorting game for Autumn. Follow our simple how to crafts guide below to discover how to create these beautiful colour sorting trees. Art materials you will need: 2 x sheets of A3 white card Light brown, dark brown, red, green & yellow card White paper Black pen Sticky tape Pencil Scissors Glue To make colour sorting trees, follow these simple instructions: Take 2 sheets of A3... Read More