At The Seaside

Crusty Crabs 10/07/2020

Crusty Crabs – Under The Sea Crafts

Summer has arrived with these Crusty Crabs, get creative and enjoy some arts and crafts! Suitable for ages 0 to 5 years old. Read the simple instructions below to get started on your Crusty Crabs: Art materials you will need: A crab template Assortments of paints Paint brush Scraps of bubble wrap Instructions for your Crusty Crabs: Step 1: Children can draw and cut around a crab template themselves or use a template that an adult has cut out for them. To make a crab template, type ‘crab template’ into... Read More


Pom Pom Ice Creams – Summer Crafts

The ideal summer arts and crafts for kids! Summer has arrived with these fantastic arts and crafts ice creams, let the creativity flow and make endless styles of ice cream, from sprinkles to a cherry on top! Read the simple instructions below to get started: Art materials you will need: Egg box White and brown paint Paint brush PVA glue Coloured Pom Poms (big and small) Red wool Scraps of brown foam scissors Instructions to make Pom Pom Ice Creams: Step 1: Cut a cone shape from the inside of... Read More


Beach Collage – Summer crafts

Bring the beach to you with this fun seaside themed craft! You will need: A paper plate Yellow & blue paint Paintbrushes Play sand (optional) Scraps of foam Brown paper Green tissue paper A small white ball Felt tip pens A cocktail umbrella Scissors PVA glue Small stones and shells To create this summery beach collage, follow these simple steps: Paint one half of the paper plate yellow and the other half blue. Optional: before the yellow paint dries, sprinkle some sand onto the wet paint to create a textured sandy beach.... Read More

seaside resources 13/06/2012

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside …

As the final Summer half term begins, all our thoughts are turning towards seaside holidays. We thought we would highlight our seaside themed resources to enhance your summer topics. For younger children, we have a fantastic range of sand and water resources for your sand and water trays. To complement a seaside theme we have pirate dressing up outfits, and pirate ships and figures. We also have a great selection of ocean creature sets and ocean themed products. For older children, our history and geography section includes many seaside/holiday resources. These include books... Read More