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school closures in ireland and re-opening 27/07/2020

Re-Opening Schools in Ireland – A Primary Teacher’s Perspective

This article has been written by primary school teacher Lorraine, from All Things Primary, who shares her lockdown experience in Ireland and school re-opening plans for September. Times are very uncertain for many people around the world at the moment, but I don’t think it has ever been as uncertain for teachers and school communities than it is right now. In Ireland, schools have been closed since March 12th and are scheduled to reopen in under 5 weeks time. Unlike the UK, the school closures here were blanket closures –... Read More

a childminders life after lockdown - re opening childcare setting 21/07/2020

Life After Lockdown – A Childminders Experience

This article has been written by Ofsted ‘Outstanding’ Childminders, Chloe Webster & Bridgit Brown, from Pebbles Childcare, who share their experience re-opening their childcare setting after lockdown. Like many practitioners across the country preparing to re-open after lockdown, we were naturally apprehensive – could we keep the children safe? Would the children return happily after such a long period of absence? What will our practice look like with new guidelines, routines and practices in place? These were all thoughts that went through our head as we prepared to re-open the... Read More

childminders setting 30/12/2019
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Inside A Childminders Setting

Childminder settings come in all shapes and sizes, with different approaches and resources. So whether you take an open-ended play approach, outdoor learning focus, or naturals and neutrals approach to childminding, the objective always remains the same … to provide the best possible childcare. Meet the childminders! Three childminders, Pebbles Childcare, the Natural Childminder and Childcare Adventures, have let us take a peek inside their fabulous childminding settings, to show us how they best utilise the space in their setting and to help inspire other childminders. Chloe and Bridgit, Pebbles... Read More

outdoor childminding setting 26/06/2018
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Maximising Your Outdoor Learning Space

This article has been written by OFSTED ‘Outstanding’ Childminders, Chloe Webster & Bridgit Brown, from Pebbles Childcare. As a home-based childcare provision, we are not blessed with significant amounts of space, and similarly, a large sum of money to put into buying a range of outdoor resources that larger settings benefit from. However, we believe and are huge advocates of utilising the space we have and using a diverse range of equipment and resources in order to meet the learning and development needs of the children in our care. We... Read More

twinkl logo 20/09/2013
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Creating Classroom Displays – Twinkl Guest Post

This article has been written by primary school teacher, Heather McAvan, who talks about the struggles with creating classroom displays in primary schools. One of the things I have always struggled with as a teacher is making displays and things to brighten up my classroom, I’m just not creative in that way! I was lucky enough to work with a really creative teacher a few years ago, we made such a great team as I was good at the more academic stuff and she came up with really fun ideas... Read More