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The Power of Playfoam

“What is that – it looks amazing?” “Wow – it feels really sticky but my hands don’t get sticky at all.” “Look at my tree – you can make all sorts of shapes with this.” These are some of the reactions I have had from children when using Playfoam with them. They are right too – it really is an amazing product. I have been using Playfoam at school for over a year now – ever since my daughter was given some as a present. It has so many creative... Read More

chinese new year 04/01/2012

Celebrate the Chinese New Year with Early Years Resources

As the dark winter days continue, we have been thinking about ways to lift our spirits! What better way to brighten things up than celebrating Chinese New Year; we have prepared for the occasion by stocking up on a wide variety of Chinese New Year teaching resources. This year, the festival is on 23rd January and marks the end of the Year of the Rabbit and the start of the Year of the Dragon. Chinese New Year has many customs and traditions associated with it. It is a time for... Read More