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Christmas Crafts for Early Years

With Christmas just over two weeks away, now is an ideal time to get young children involved in Christmas creative craft activities. Now is a great time to get children involved in making Christmas cards to take home and give to their parents and relatives. Craft activities are both a great fun and creative pastime as well as an educational tool for young children. They can also aid learning in other EYFS educational areas such as language skills, music, art, science, maths and even health and nutrition. Getting involved in... Read More

Lai See Envelopes – Chinese New Year Crafts 14/01/2014

Lai See Envelopes – Chinese New Year Crafts

Lai See envelopes (Red Envelopes) are traditionally given to children at Chinese New Year. These lucky red envelopes usually contain money or sweets given by relatives. Here is how to make your own… Equipment needed:- Red paper White card Black marker pen A sheet of Chinese symbol stickers Filling – small sweets or chocolate coins Pencil Scissors Glue Click Here to Download the Template Take a red sheet of paper and a pencil. Using the template provided, make the lucky pocket by tracing the pocket outline onto the sheet of... Read More

dragon puppet 14/01/2014

Dragon Puppet – Chinese New Year Crafts

Celebrate Chinese New Year with this easy to make Dragon Puppet craft idea for children. To create this wonderful Dragon Puppet for Chinese New Year you will need: Paper plate Egg box Gold paper White & yellow card or fun foam Red & black paint Paintbrushes Scissors and ruler Glue and/or tape How to make a dragon puppet: Cut out a double section from an egg box and paint it red. Leave to dry. Fold a paper plate in half, paint it red on both sides and leave to dry.... Read More