bee bottles summer crafts 05/08/2019

Bottle Bees – Summer Crafts

How To Make A Bottle Bee Get crafty this summer and create your own bottle bee, whilst helping children understand the important job bees play in our planet. An ideal arts and crafts idea for children aged 5-7 years old. Art materials you will need:  Yogurt drink bottle  Yellow paint  Medium paint brush  Black fluffy pipe cleaners  Gold pipe cleaner  Medium sized wiggly eyes  Two pony beads  Clear plastic stationery folder  Glitter glue  Black marker pen  Pink felt tip  Yellow card  Pencil  Scissors  Strong glue To make a Bottle Bee,... Read More

summer Parasol Beachscape Card kids crafts 05/08/2019

Parasol Beachscape Card – Summer Crafts

How To Make A Parasol Beachscape Card Make this colourful sea-scape card with a 3D parasol – perfect to be used as an invitation for a summer party! Ideal for children aged 7-11 years old. Art materials you will need: Sheet of A4 yellow card Scraps of mid blue, orange, white and pale blue paper or card Scrap of red and white spotty scrapbooking fabric Orange and red felt tip pen One pink paper cocktail umbrella Gel glue Scissors Ruler Pencil To make a Parasol Beachscape Card, follow these simple... Read More


Beach Collage – Summer crafts

Bring the beach to you with this fun seaside themed craft! You will need: A paper plate Yellow & blue paint Paintbrushes Play sand (optional) Scraps of foam Brown paper Green tissue paper A small white ball Felt tip pens A cocktail umbrella Scissors PVA glue Small stones and shells To create this summery beach collage, follow these simple steps: Paint one half of the paper plate yellow and the other half blue. Optional: before the yellow paint dries, sprinkle some sand onto the wet paint to create a textured sandy beach.... Read More


Floating Boats – Summer Crafts

Create some outdoor fun this summer with these creative DIY floating boats! You will need: Corks Pipe cleaners 2 elastic bands Sticky tape Wrapping or patterned paper String Scissors Follow these 5 simple steps to create your boat. Start by lining up the three corks and then secure them with 2 elastic bands. Next, make the mast from 14cm of pipe cleaner folded in half. Create a sail by cutting a right angled triangle from wrapping or patterned paper and tape it to the pipe cleaner mast. Then, secure the... Read More


Make Your Own Bubble Wands

Take blowing bubbles to the next level as you let the children get creative and design their own bubble wands. All you need is the following: Pipe Cleaners Cutters (Optional) Beads Bubble Liquid To make a Bubble Wand Choose you pipe cleaner colour and bend it into any shape you want. Then twist the two pieces together to form a handle. For more complicated shapes you can mould a pipe cleaner around a biscuit cutter. If you like, decorate the handle with beads and twist a loop or a knot in... Read More


DIY Fish Sun Catcher

Soak in the sun and get crafty with this easy-to-make, colourful sun catcher! All you need is the following: Black Card Clear Sticky Back Plastic Coloured Tissue Paper Thin Ribbon Scissors Glue Hole Punch Pencil How to make a Fish Sun Catcher Take a sheet of black card. Use a pencil to draw the outline of a fish on the card (like the shape shown above) then neatly cut out the shape. Cut two pieces of sticky back plastic the same size as the fish shape. Peel the backing paper... Read More


Giant Butterfly Crafts

Bring the room to life with this beautiful easy-to-make DIY Giant Butterfly! Using just a few simple materials, children can decorate their butterfly however they please with endless textures. An easy and fun crafts idea for children in your setting! What you will need: Gold or White Paper Plates  2 Pipe Cleaners 2 Small Beads Self Adhesive Plastic Jewels Foam Stickers Sticky Tape Scissors Pencil How to make it: Take the paper plate and a pair of scissors. Cut out two triangles from the paper plate to make the butterfly wings.... Read More