Craft Corner

sporty fathers day cards 10/06/2014

Sporty Father’s Day Cards – Crafts

Send some colourful greetings to dad on Father’s Day with these sporty cards. These cards can be easily adapted to match your Dad’s interest. To create the Father’s Day Rosette card you need:- A4 sheet of blue card Length of orange crepe paper 30cm x 6cm Scraps of gold & white paper Stapler & glue stick Double-sided sticky tape Photograph Instructions Fold the A4 sheet of blue card in half to make a vertical greetings card. Take your length of orange crepe paper and concertina fold it, making each fold... Read More

lolly sticks photoframe 10/06/2014

Lolly Sticks Photoframe – Father’s Day Craft

Surprise Dad this Father’s Day with this simple and easy to follow Lolly Sticks Photo-frame. To create this brilliant craft idea you will need:- Plain wooden lolly sticks Paints in a variety of colours Paintbrushes Strong glue Photos of the children Double-sided tape Instructions Ask the children to make a shape with some lolly sticks (a square or triangle are easiest – a bigger shape will need a larger picture!). Fix the sticks together using strong glue and leave to dry. The children can then paint the frames in whatever... Read More

Dad Suncatcher – Father’s Day Crafts 10/06/2014

Dad Suncatcher – Father’s Day Crafts

Say thank you to dads everywhere on this Father’s Day by giving them this easy to create Dad Suncatcher. To create this Dad Suncather you need the following: Large sheet of black card Coloured tissue paper Clear sticky-backed plastic Craft knife & cutting mat (adult use only!) Hole punch Ribbon Pencil Ruler Scissors Place the sheet of black card on the cutting mat and trim down the sheet to measure 34cm x 25cm. Take the trimmed black sheet and using a pencil and ruler, mark a 4cm border on all... Read More

Chick Finger Puppets – Easter Craft Ideas 04/03/2014

Chick Finger Puppets – Easter Craft Ideas

To make this very simple Chick Finger Puppets you will need: Yellow or orange paper Mug Feathers Wiggly eyes Pencil Scissors Glue Sticky tape Draw around a mug twice to make two circles – ours measured 7cm in diameter. Cut the circles out and glue together leaving a space for a finger. Cut out a diamond shape for a beak and glue onto one of the circles along with some wiggly eyes. To finish, tape some feathers behind the head.   We would love to see how you get on!... Read More

Easter Egg Crown – Easter Craft Ideas 04/03/2014

Easter Egg Crown – Easter Craft Ideas

To create this easy to make Easter Egg Crown you will need: Large sheet of white card Tape measure Coloured card Corrugated card Patterned papers Pencil Scissors Stapler Glue Measure the child’s head circumference. Add 4cm to this figure and note it down. Take a large sheet of white card. Cut out a 5cm (2”) wide band of card – it should be as long as the measurement noted down earlier. Place the band of card around the child’s head. Adjust the size to get a comfortable fit. Remove the... Read More

Chicks in Egg Garland – Easter Craft Ideas 04/03/2014

Chicks in Egg Garland – Easter Craft Ideas

To create this Chicks in Egg Garland you will need: Pencils Scissors Sticky Tape Glue Thin ribbon Wiggly eyes Sparkly stickers/sequins Chicks in Garland Template Copy the head and body templates provided onto yellow card and cut them out. Then copy the eggshell shape onto different coloured card and cut out. Glue the head shape onto the body and glue the body onto the back of the coloured eggshell. Add wiggly eyes and an orange beak to the head and stick some sparkly shapes or sequins to the eggshells. Tie... Read More

Lai See Envelopes – Chinese New Year Crafts 14/01/2014

Lai See Envelopes – Chinese New Year Crafts

Lai See envelopes (Red Envelopes) are traditionally given to children at Chinese New Year. These lucky red envelopes usually contain money or sweets given by relatives. Here is how to make your own… Equipment needed:- Red paper White card Black marker pen A sheet of Chinese symbol stickers Filling – small sweets or chocolate coins Pencil Scissors Glue Click Here to Download the Template Take a red sheet of paper and a pencil. Using the template provided, make the lucky pocket by tracing the pocket outline onto the sheet of... Read More

dragon puppet 14/01/2014

Dragon Puppet – Chinese New Year Crafts

Celebrate Chinese New Year with this easy to make Dragon Puppet craft idea for children. To create this wonderful Dragon Puppet for Chinese New Year you will need: Paper plate Egg box Gold paper White & yellow card or fun foam Red & black paint Paintbrushes Scissors and ruler Glue and/or tape How to make a dragon puppet: Cut out a double section from an egg box and paint it red. Leave to dry. Fold a paper plate in half, paint it red on both sides and leave to dry.... Read More


Spectacular Firework Fiesta Crafts

To create this Spectacular Firework Fiesta you will need: Nesting tubes or kitchen roll tubes Plain and sparkly pipe cleaners Strips of tin foil Paints & paint brushes Glitter Star stickers Tissue paper Scissors Pencil How to make a firework fiesta: Let each child select a cardboard tube. Cut longer tubes into shorter pieces e.g. we cut a nesting tube into two. Get the children to paint their tube with colours that reminds them of fireworks. While the paint is wet, why not roll the tube in glitter similar to... Read More


How to make a simple Diva Lamp

To make this simple Diva lamp you will need the following: Air drying clay Paint and paint brushes Glitter Tealight candle Making your Diva Lamps 1. Give each child a ball of clay. Ask them to soften the clay by rolling, squashing and squeezing it. 2. Ask them to make it back into a ball shape and then squash it flatter (but still keep the clay quite thick). 3. Let them shape the lamp by gently pinching the clay up at the edges to make the sides and pressing down... Read More