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Handprint Flamingos 24/06/2020
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Handprint Flamingos – Summer Crafts

Have some fun and get stuck in with these Handprint Flamingos, a fun activity for the children this summer! Suitable for ages 5 to 7 years old. Read the simple instructions below to get started on your Handprint Flamingos: Art materials you will need: Pink and yellow paper or card Pencil Scissors Glue Black marker pen Instructions for your Handprint Flamingos: Step 1:Draw around your hand onto pink paper and cut it out. Step 2: Draw the legs and head/neck onto pink paper and cut them out too. Cut the... Read More

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Butterfly Sun Catcher – Summer Crafts

Let the light in this summer with these fun and colourful Butterfly Sun Catchers, the perfect addition to any window! Suitable for ages 5 to 7 years old. Read the instructions below to get started on your Butterfly Sun Catchers: Art materials you will need: Large A3 sheet of black card Clear sticky back plastic Tissue paper in various colours Scissors Glue Sticky tack Pencil Instructions for your Butterfly Sun Catchers: Step 1: Take the A3 sheet of black card and a pencil. Sketch out a large butterfly outline on... Read More

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Stick Fish Collage – Summer Crafts

The perfect summer activity for kids! Gather a collection of natural materials to build this 3D seaside-themed picture, get as creative as you like! Read the simple instructions below to get started: Art materials you will need: Thick corrugated card Paint Masking tape Thin sticks A ruler Strong scissors Small shells PVA glue A glue brush String Instructions for your Fish Collage: Step 1: Cut a piece of corrugated card (22cm x 30cm). Stick masking tape around the card to neaten the edges then paint with a background colour. Leave... Read More

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Colourful Finches – Summer Crafts

The perfect summer arts and crafts for kids! Make these colourful Finches and place them in flower beds or plant pots to help make your garden colourful for the summer! Read the simple instructions below to get started on this summer arts and crafts: Art materials you will need: Coloured paper A round object- plate or bowl Pencil Scissors Glue stick Sticky tape Wobbly eyes Wooden lolly sticks or garden sticks Instructions for your Colourful Finches: Step 1: Draw a 12cm diameter circle onto coloured paper, you could use a... Read More

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Make Your Own Spring Creatures [VIDEO]

It’s nearly time for some sensational spring displays and creative craft activities! Our easy-to-do Spring Creatures craft activity is perfect for children, whether in nurseries, schools or even at home, and will be a great addition to any displays 🐞 Learn how to make these simple Spring Creatures by watching our video tutorial or following the steps below. Art Materials You Will Need: Coloured Paper Glue Scissors Wiggly Eyes (optional) Step 1: Cut several strips of paper to create the body. Step 2: Draw Around something circular to create the... Read More

Autumn squirrels crafts 18/09/2019
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How To Make Autumn Squirrels – Crafts

Create an Autumn squirrel As autumn arrives, squirrels are busy collecting food supplies for the coming winter. Make your own autumn squirrels using the templates provided. Art materials you will need: Egg carton Coloured felt – orange, grey and brown glue Scissors Paints paintbrush googly eyes How to make an Autumn squirrel: Cut a section of egg carton and paint it with your chosen coloured paint for example, grey. Cut a face and tail from grey felt, and glue them on. Add a light brown nose and googly eyes. Repeat... Read More

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Make your Own Pine Cone Animals [VIDEO]

The children will love making their very own adorable pine cone animals this Autumn! Follow our simple step-by-step guide below to create a wonderful woodland scene – brimming with all your favourite woodland pine cone animals. How To Make Pine Cone Animals: Art materials you will need: Scissors Felt (orange, white and black felt works great for your fox) PVA Glue Wiggly Eyes Pine Cone How to make autumnal pine cone animals: Choose your favourite woodland creature (fox, owl, hedgehog, bear, deer, moose, raccoon…) Using a pair of sharp scissors... Read More

bee bottles summer crafts 05/08/2019
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Bottle Bees – Summer Crafts

How To Make A Bottle Bee Get crafty this summer and create your own bottle bee, whilst helping children understand the important job bees play in our planet. An ideal arts and crafts idea for children aged 5-7 years old. Art materials you will need:  Yogurt drink bottle  Yellow paint  Medium paint brush  Black fluffy pipe cleaners  Gold pipe cleaner  Medium sized wiggly eyes  Two pony beads  Clear plastic stationery folder  Glitter glue  Black marker pen  Pink felt tip  Yellow card  Pencil  Scissors  Strong glue To make a Bottle Bee,... Read More

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DIY Fish Sun Catcher

Soak in the sun and get crafty with this easy-to-make, colourful sun catcher! All you need is the following: Black CardClear Sticky Back PlasticColoured Tissue PaperThin RibbonScissorsGlueHole PunchPencil How to make a Fish Sun Catcher Take a sheet of black card. Use a pencil to draw the outline of a fish on the card (like the shape shown above) then neatly cut out the shape. Cut two pieces of sticky back plastic the same size as the fish shape. Peel the backing paper off one and stick it over the... Read More

Lolly Butterfly crafts 15/03/2017

Lovely Lolly Butterfly – Crafts

A lovely crafts idea – perfect for valentine’s day or mother’s day. Any mother would love to get this cute butterfly on Mother’s Day and the kids will love making it! All you need is the following: Red Card Thin card for Template Patterned Paper Scissors Glue Stick Pencil Lollipop Sparkly Pipe Cleaner Googly Eyes Black Marker Pen Sticky Tape How to make a Lolly Butterfly: Cut out two hearts onto red card. Using a pencil, draw a smaller heart onto a piece of thin card and cut out. Use... Read More