5 Ways to Repurpose your EYR Packaging

We are all becoming more and more conscious about being sustainable, looking after our planet and teaching our little ones to do the same. The importance of reducing, reusing and recycling is an important message to share, particularly with the next generation. In this blog, we share 5 ways to repurpose our leftover EYR packaging and teach children about the three Rs in a fun and engaging way. 1. Wrapping Paper Children can design and colour their own wrapping paper by repurposing the brown paper packaging from the boxes! Why... Read More


15 Ways to Use Tyres in Outdoor Play

Tyres are a fantastically versatile and upcycled resource that can be used in a variety of different ways. Naturally weatherproof and tough, they are a great option to use outdoors with your little ones. In this blog, we provide 15 ways to incorporate them into your outdoor learning and play. From the simple to the slightly more obscure – there is guaranteed to be an activity for you to try out. Make sure to check our safety tips to ensure your little one’s are always safe when playing with tyres.... Read More


5 Fine Motor Activities for Children

What are fine motor skills? Fine motor skills refer to the coordination of small muscles in the brain and nervous system responsible for controlling precise movements in key areas such as hands and fingers. The development of fine motor skills depend on gross motor skill development. Gross motor skills refer to larger movements such as walking, crawling, and sitting independently. From initial development, children can begin to grasp objects and move small items independently. Infants will then progress onto more complex movements such as weaving and holding cutlery and pencils.... Read More


Welcome to our Office Garden!

With National Gardening Week just around the corner we wanted to shine a spotlight on our very own office garden and give you a tour! Tucked away in a retail park in Stretford, Greater Manchester is our very own oasis. Providing a welcome contrast to the busy city, the EYR garden is a dedicated zone for staff to relax and enjoy a little piece of nature. The importance of outdoor spaces Besides being a beautiful green space to look at, an urban garden can provide a number of benefits: Improved... Read More


Children’s Easter Craft Activities

It’s that time of year where bunnies, chicks and eggs are popping up everywhere and it can only mean one thing… Easter is here! The big day is just around the corner and it’s time to start thinking about Easter craft activities! To make things easier for you we have collated our top 3 crafts into this blog for you to keep the little ones entertained and excited for the Easter period. Not just a fun way to keep children entertained, crafts also offer a great way for children to... Read More


A DIY Mother’s Day Craft Pack

Mother’s Day is the perfect celebration of the hard work that care givers of all kinds put in to raising and caring for their children. However, there can often be a feeling of awkwardness around Mother’s Day within the early years setting. Every child and family comes to an educational setting with different values and experiences. Not every family dynamic is the same and one of the most important gifts we can give to children is to help them to feel good about the uniqueness of their family. Why celebrate... Read More

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How to make a minibeast hotel

What is a minibeast? A minibeast, creepy crawlies, insects and bugs are quite literally a small animal. They are defined as “invertebrates” which means that they don’t have a skeleton inside their body. This often means they have other forms of protection such as shells or hard coverings called “exoskeletons”. Some of the more commonly known types of minibeast are spiders, bees, butterflies, snails, worms, centipedes and caterpillars but there are actually around 25’000 different types of minibeast living in the UK! How do minibeasts help the environment? Although they... Read More


Choosing the Right Furniture for Your Early Years Setting

The importance of choosing furniture for your nursery or early years classroom Choosing the right furniture for your nursery or early years setting is an important choice that requires some consideration. Not only do you have to think about how you want your setting to look, but the most important factor to also consider is how it will affect and benefit children. You want to maximise opportunities for learning while giving them a sense of purpose in their day to day, all while attempting to keep their attention. That in... Read More


Advice for COVID-19 Safe Sand Play

The benefits of play are immeasurable, but what we do know is that play helps children grow into strong, healthy, happy individuals. Sand play offers a multitude of benefits for early years, it is an open-ended activity that can support personal, social and emotional development as well as offering hours of unrestricted fun. An emerging concern amongst early year’s educators and parents is ensuring sand play is safe and hygienic. Tips for Keeping Sand Play Safe during COVID-19 Read on for our top tips to make sand play safe and... Read More


Easy Ramadan Craft Activities for Children

Celebrating Ramadan in Your Setting Teaching children about different cultures and festivals that are celebrated by people and communities around the globe is a fantastic way for kids to learn about the diverse world we live in. Ramadan is a precious time for Muslims all over the world and with Ramadan coming up what better way to celebrate this special Holy Month than with beautiful Ramadan-themed crafts. We hope you have a blast creating these wonderful activities! What is Ramadan? In Islam, Ramadan is the ninth month of the Muslim... Read More