Children’s Easter Craft Activities

It’s that time of year where bunnies, chicks and eggs are popping up everywhere and it can only mean one thing… Easter is here! The big day is just around the corner and it’s time to start thinking about Easter craft activities! To make things easier for you we have collated our top 3 crafts into this blog for you to keep the little ones entertained and excited for the Easter period.

Not just a fun way to keep children entertained, crafts also offer a great way for children to practice and develop new skills. Cutting, drawing, folding, sticking and colouring are all fine motor activities that will encourage physical development and promote a sense of achievement in your little ones. So you can provide your children with endless craft activities knowing that all the while, your little learners are developing and mastering vital skills for later life.

Lolly Pop Easter Chicks

lolly pop Easter chicks

You will need…

  1. Start by taking 5 lolly sticks and painting them yellow.
  2. Once dried, place the coloured side face down and using a bit of tape secure the sticks together.
  3. Next, cut a beak and some feet out of orange felt and then cut the wings and hair out of the yellow felt and secure in place with glue
  4. Finally, glue on some wiggly eyes and you have your Easter chick!

Easter Pom pom Sheep Card

Easter pompom sheep card

You will need…

  1. Fold a piece of card in half to create a greeting card
  2. Using tweezers, pick up a large pom pom and dip it in white paint
  3. On one side of your card, use your tweezers to splodge white paint to create the sheep’s body
  4. Cut out a sheep’s head and legs from black card and add this to the body once the paint has dried
  5. Add your wiggly eyes
  6. Add your Easter message inside the card ready to give to a friend or family member!

Easter Cone Baskets

You will need…

  1. Cut a large circle out of A4 paper – we used orange to create a carrot
  2. Decorate your paper any way you like – we added red stripes to ours
  3. Cut a triangle wedge out of the circle. Bring both sides of the disc together and add some tape to the inside of the cone to keep it closed
  4. Use a hole-punch to create two holes at the base of the cone. Thread a piece of green ribbon through the holes to create your handle.
  5. Cut out 6 strips of green paper. Attach these to the inside of the cone using glue and there you have your Easter basket!

As always, we would love to see how you get on with your Easter Craft Activities! Tag us on social media or use the hashtag #explorewithEYR

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